“Got Barf Bag”… Hawaii Superferry Forced to Return To Port… Video

I just noticed these youtube clips of a trip on the Superferry from two days ago,  where the superferry actually got turned around because of rough conditions.

If you look around the 1:20 mark of this video… you see some scary stuff!

“My superferry ride from 12/11/08 – I uploaded this from my phone so the video sucks but the audio should give you the idea of what was going on. This is the first SF voyage that was forced back by weather. 25′ waves will do that…”


Part 2:

“…Continued from part 1: After five minutes of beating the crap out of the boat and passengers, the captain gives up and heads back to port…”


Around 1:20 mark… captain gets on loudspeaker to explain to customers that there trip has been canceled and the Ferry is turning around.

2 Responses

  1. Holy Mackerel, Damon. That’s a find. Brad

  2. Damon, nope the SF isn’t for everyone, it aint supposed to be. But for those of us who love the ocean experience and a diversion from YB and the airlines, it shines as the best functional thrillride in the islands. Cheap and roomy!
    Topped off with mil spec engineering, it’s a wonderful asset for our tourist trade and residents alike. I suspect there had been warnings of a potential rough ride, and if not there should be. I think the pax should be allowed to vote for a cancellation if possible, Put the pukers out on the stern!

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