“Project Better Place” and Mobility Miles

I was just reading this article from the San Jose paper the Mercury News and I found this interesting article with more on how “Project Better Place” will be making their money on this project:

Under the Better Place model, consumers can either buy or lease an electric car from the French automaker Renault or Japanese companies like Nissan (General Motors snubbed Agassi) and then buy miles on their electric car batteries from Better Place the way you now buy an Apple cell phone and the minutes from AT&T. That way Better Place, or any car company that partners with it, benefits from each mile you drive. GM sells cars. Better Place is selling mobility miles

So the way I see it, right now we tax gasoline for road projects and other things.

Question: How do we tax a private company on their profits from this invention if their cars are going to be using public roads?

Do we pass it off onto customers as they register their cars… therefore making registering these cars very expensive?  Do we pass it on at the Electric Charging Stations?

People using these cars on a daily basis to drive in from Puna to Hilo are going to be paying a lot per mile to this private company!

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