New Exhibit at Tsunami Museum Focuses on 2004 Deadly Tsunami

The Pacific Tsunami Museum is opening a new exhibit that is dedicated to the 2004 Deadly Indonesian Tsunami on Sunday, Dec. 14th.

“The Indian Ocean Tsunami exhibit will include the earthquake/tsunami generation, scenes from Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and the Maldives, and survivor stories.”

The San Francisco Chronicle ran the follow article:

Nearly 50 years after Hawaii’s last catastrophic tsunami, the Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hilo is taking stock of a more recent disaster, thousands of miles away.

“The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004,” a new exhibit about the deadliest and most destructive ocean surge in recorded history, opens Dec. 14, two weeks before the fourth anniversary of the calamity that killed several hundred thousand in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other countries in its path…

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