Last Nights Sky

I’m losing it folks!

Did anyone check out the sky last night?

It seemed as though the Moon and the Stars were moving through the sky much faster then they normally do.


I just asked Andrew Cooper if there was anything different about last nights sky… I’ll see what his response is.

Maybe I’m just becoming more observant of the sky or something… but it sure was a weird looking effect yesterday.

It seemed like I was watching a “time-lapse” of the sky moving at a very slow pace… Normally, I can’t see the moon and stars actually moving with my naked eye… but last night… It literally seemed like they were flying across the sky at a very rapid pace.

Or maybe I am losing it? ;)

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  1. The moon and stars weren’t doing anything unusual last night, but the upper level winds were. My guess is that you were seeing clouds that had been formed at the summits being blown overhead at high speed, and the relative motion made it look as though the moon and stars were moving. I tried to take some shots of the night-time cap clouds being formed at Mauna Kea’s summit from the 9,000 foot level but they were moving too quickly.

    Damon – That sounds reasonable… I can accept that explanation. Mahalo… I’m glad I wasn’t just “Seeing Things”.

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