Konablog Held Hostage and Irritated… Someone Wants to Go to the New Disney Hotel

I got a good chuckle tonight reading the Konablogs Rant on why his family can’t go to the New Walt Disney Hotel at the Ko’olina Hotel on Oahu because the Superferry might not come to the Big Island.

I dig Aaron a lot, but tonights post really had me laughing my ass off!

You do realize there is a lot people support the Hawaii Super ferry. I find very frustrating that the minority is holding the overall population hostage by this never ending litigation.

For example, my mom has been looking forward to taking our family to the future Walt Disney Hotel at Ko’olina via the HSF….

Aaron… are you really held hostage?

And is your goal in life to get to the Walt Disney Hotel on Oahu? ;)

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  1. I was just citing something my mom had said as an example, nothing more, nothing less.

    However I do feel the HSF opponents are holding us hostage
    by their never ending litigation.

    Damon – I know… I still got a chuckle out of it.

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