Puna Shafted Again – Kona Gets $77.2 Million to Widen 5.2 Miles… Puna gets $56 Million to Widen 11 Miles

As usual, I’m feeling that Puna is getting shafted AGAIN!

I just read this article in the Starbulletin that mentions that West Hawaii is getting $77.2 million to widen 5.2 miles, yet the H-130 project here in Puna is only getting around $56 million to work with and we have more then twice the amount of Highway (11 miles) to widen with the allotted money.


The state has awarded a $77.2 million contract to Goodfellow Bros. Inc. to design and build the 5.2-mile second and final phase of the widening of congested Queen Kaahumanu Highway north of Kailua-Kona, the state and Goodfellow announced.

Design work will start in April, followed by construction in September, the state said. Completion is expected in 2011, Goodfellow said.

The work involves widening a bottleneck between the heart of Kailua-Kona and Keahole Airport, eight miles to the north. An average of 22,800 vehicles pass through the area each day, often at a crawl.

The work will widen the road from two lanes to four, provide a median strip and improve six intersections with signals.

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  1. Like I said, I would e-mail the real property folks and ask them.
    You probably wouldn’t believe it anyway if I had any supporting
    evidence. I’m only going by what was published in the newspapers. However I do know the resort nodes of Kaupulehu,Waikoloa,Mauna Lani and Mauna Kea contribute 20% of Hawaii county’s property tax revenue. The latter came directly from the horse’s mouth, the real property tax folks.

    Damon – So we should cater to the tourists before residents? Give me a day or so and I’ll show you the tax break down by districts. I’m a bit beat tonight and have some other things I’m working on now.

  2. It is actually federal/state money paying for these road projects
    here. Go and ask the real property folks- 70% of the property taxes originate in West Hawaii.

    There will be a number roadway projects coming down the pipeline that are going to be built in West Hawaii by the state and county. I figure this is not going to be last time I’ll be hearing you whine about this.

    Damon – I’ll keep whining until we get at least our fair share too. Can you give me a URL or something showing me this tax base that you are talking about? ;)
    The State decides how the Federal Money is spent.

  3. Yes the population of Puna is growing at faster rate.However
    West Hawaii is where 70% of property tax revenue originates and at least 6 of the top of ten employers are located on this

    The HDOT has already spent around 40 million on Phase I
    of the Queen K widening from Kealakehe Parkway to Malulani Gardens. Thus it is likely that Puna roadway project may be broken into phases. In other words the 56 million may be just for the first 5 miles.

    Damon – Your figures are way off. Hunters Bishop’s blog is no more so I can’t reference the tax bases right off the top of my head. 70% is not even close to accurate. AND YOU MUST REMEMBER… THIS IS STATE/FEDERAL MONEY… NOT COUNTY MONEY! The State is the decision maker on the Federal Money

  4. The money for this project (66 million) has already been appropriated by the legislature.

    Not to belittle the traffic woes in Puna, but Queen K has been
    a traffic nightmare for years. Maybe if you guys in Puna voted in someone who is truly effective in bringing home bacon there
    wouldn’t be a problem.

    In other words, this not a east west issue.It is however a painful reminder how ineffective Puna’s legislators have been.

    Damon – H-130’s money has already been earmarked as well. It could rise a bit… or shrink a bit depending on what the KPAG group finally decides and what the State allows us to do… It sucks that we have half the amount of money per mile then the Queen K Project with a population basis that is set to rise at a much faster pace then West Hawaii

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