Howard Dicus… Use Big Island to Charge Big Batteries?

I see Howard Dicus was interested in the PGV Anniversary today.

Puna Geothermal, now celebrating 15 years of operation, produces a fifth of the Big Island’s electricity needs, and could easily produce more than twice that much by drilling a second hole.

But Hawaii County, which also gets power from oil-fired generating stations, wind turbines, solar panels, and even hydro, just doesn’t need that much juice. And cables to Maui may not be as feasible as cables from Maui County to Oahu due to the ocean being a lot deeper in the channel between the islands.

So is there anything else we could put on the Big Island to use it? One idea is to charge big batteries there

He’s got a strange sense of humor at times, but I like his idea of using PGV to charge Big Batteries.

Sounds a bit science fiction like… but I bet it’s doable!

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