More on the Highway 130 Meeting (Day 2 Meeting 5)… More KPAG Resignations… More Stapelton Questions… $300,000 on Bus Stops

Yesterday, I wrote up a couple small blurbs about the H-130 meeting here and here.

The second blog, I mentioned that three people had resigned from the KPAG Committee, however, I wasn’t sure what group of people they represented.

Tonight, I find that the actual number of people that have resigned is 5 people.

I then asked what groups that they represented and the following groups were mentioned as no longer having representatives on board:

1.  A member from the Mayors Office 2.  A member from DHHL 3. A member from “Agriculture Field” 4. Someone who represents the “Low Income” population and 5.  Someone from Kamehameha Schools.

When I inquired about filling these positions, I mentioned that there were people that were not part of the official KPAG group that had attended every meeting since the KPAG group had started and that these people would be “up to date” on things talked about previously… But as usual, I pretty much got blown off and they mentioned more of a “process” for selecting members.

Interesting side note.   Both yesterday’s meeting and today’s meeting were not attended by our own elected officials. ;)  I guess they automatically get excused???

I’m amazed Ms. Naeole didn’t send one of her “Non-Interns” in as a substitute for her… I mean she did mention earlier on in September that she may be using her then legislative aide Tiffany Edwards as a possible substitute for her in some meetings.

Other issues that we dealt with tonight, were deciding where and how many lanes of Highway did we really feel was needed.

It did seem like a consensus that everyone wanted 2 lanes in and 2 lanes out for a combined total of 4 lanes all together, including 10 ft – 12 ft Bike paths on both sides of the highway.

Our next meeting as a KPAG group will  be on January 26th.  After that meeting, I gather that they will be having “Open Public” meetings where “other people” will get to have more say then they currently get on the project.

I doubt the State is even really listening to us KPAG members… so will they even listen to the public when the public hearings begin?

I was asked to submit the following questions to the KPAG group on behalf of Frankie Stapleton:


1. Wouldn’t it be easier in designing Hwy. 130 to NOT allow the Hele-On buses to stop on the Highway at all?  The Puna CDP calls for EXPRESS buses on Highways 130 and 11, with bus shelters/stops and Park and Ride facilities to be located just off the highways in neighborhoods and subdivisions that would be fed by the smaller neighborhood shuttles.  All buses, the express buses as well as the subdivision buses would meet at HUBS located (also off the main drag) in Pahoa, Keaau and Volcano, maybe also within the Village center at HPP.

If we work with the County transit system on this, we wouldn’t need 4 bus pulloffs (which wouldn’t be nearly enough anyway) on H-130.

Answer (provided by Tom Brown, Mass Transit Agency): [Summary] The busses and roads are not designed for the buses to go into the subdivisions.  Pulling in and out of the subdivisions would decrease the efficiency of them.  (do not try and quote me direct on this)

2.  If 10-ft bike lanes are included in the design for hwy. 130, do we need 2 bike lanes?  Wouldn’t bicyclist be able to ride both ways safely in a separated 10-ft. lane?  What if the bike lane was widened to 12 feet?  Could we then just have one bike lane serving bikers going north and south?

Answer (Provided by State):  No

Answer (bounced around by KPAG Members):  It’s not legal to ride bike against flow of traffic.

3. Is it cheaper to create four 1/4 mile frontage roads as compared to a full-length frontage road?

Answer: Honestly… I forgot what they said on this question… Mea Culpa

4. If a 4-lane Hwy. 130 to  Paradise is decided on, can we make it imperative to construct/upgrade a connecting lower Puna Route from Leilani thru Nanawale’s connecting substandard road to Hawaiian Beaches/Shores to HPP’s Beach Road?

Answer (Provided by State): This is a county project and not related to H-130

“After all, Puna consists of much more than HPP/Orchidland!!!”


Hope those answers will suffice for now Frankie.

Here is a picture of a poster board they had up that had “traffic projections” for 2018, 2028 and 2038… of course these projects were taken from 2006 data and with the economy tanking… I have to wonder how correct these predictions are:


Tom Brown also mentioned that $300,000 has been allocated for Island Wide Bus Stops that will begin to start showing up around the island fairly soon.

Of course the meeting lasted an hour longer then expected… So I’ve sat through 8 hours of Highway meetings in the last 2 days, and the worst part of it… the “Dinner” they supposedly were going to serve us was more like “Light Pupus” and I’m still hungry!

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