Jim Morrison of the “Doors”… His Brother Andrew Lives in Pahoa???

I was just reading this blog and I was stunned to read the following:

…George S. Morrison, who commanded the fleet during the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to an escalation of the Vietnam War and whose son Jim was the lead singer of the Doors, died Nov. 17 in Coronado, Calif. He was 89 and lived in Coronado…

…His wife, Clara Clarke, died in 2005. Besides his daughter, Anne, of Thousand Oaks, Calif., he is survived by his son Andrew, of Pahoa, Hawaii. Jim Morrison died in Paris in 1971…


I’m a pretty big fan of the “Doors”… so if anyone knows how to get a hold of this Mr. Andrew Morrison, I’d love to sit down and treat him to lunch sometime!

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  1. My parents were good friends of Rear Admiral Morrison and his wife, Clara when they lived on Guam. My dad was a purchasing agent for the only department stor on Guam and met Rear Admiral Morrison when he purchased Kodak film used by the military to produce ID’s for their service men. For some reason the Naval Air Station had a problem getting the film, so they turned to my dad to see what he could do for them . He came through with flying colors and that’s when he met RA Morrison. They became friend and went out to dinner with the Morrisons as well as attending many private dinners at the Morrison residence. They NEVER spoke of Jim other than to acknowledge that he was their son when my dad asked if Jim was their son. I went to their house only once and had no clue they were Jim’s parents (my parents didn’t volunteer that information to me) until I saw a picture at their house. When we got home from that dinner I asked my parents if the Morrisons were really Jim’s parents and they said yes. My dad told me never to bring it up if I was ever around them again. This all happened right around the time “Light My Fire” was released and went to #1 on the charts. My parents kept in touch with the Morrisons until their deaths. My dad died 5 months after RA Morrison. My mom is 83 and still kickin’ ass!

  2. Oh, darn, I left a long explanatory comment but it seems to have vanished. In summary, Andy Morrison has no interest, nor has he ever been interested, in discussing his brother or riding on Jim’s coattails (plus he hasn’t lived in Hawaii for some time). Jim grew up in a strict upper middle class family (with an absentee father) and, like many of that generation, rebeled. He had his demons, and being very bright coupled with alcoholism, lead him to self destruct.
    The Morrison parents were always above the fray and valued their privacy. The Admiral, naturally, wanted Jim to follow in his footsteps, which we all know Jim took the opposite path. To them, Jim was the eldest of their three children.
    The rumors and untruths spread over the past 46 years turned Jim into someone who never existed. Jim was more famous in death than he ever was alive. He eschewed money and not much impressed him.

  3. The lizard king shall reign again

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