Hawaiian “Purple Jewels” Make There Way to Britain Supermarkets

When I first moved to Hawaii, I tripped out on the “purple sweet potatoes” that they have here in Hawaii. It looks like they are quite the delicacy in Britain:

…The colorful spuds go on sale in Tesco stores around the country from today and are part of the supermarket chain’s drive to bring exotic vegetables to Britain…
…He tracked down the Purple Jewel in Hawaii and also travelled to deepest darkest Peru where he found the Mayan Queen spud, once cultivated by the Inca tribes…
…The Purple Jewel cost £2.39 per 500g bag. The Mayan Queen cost £1.99 per 2 kilo bag…

The Hawaiian "Purple Jewel"

The Hawaiian "Purple Jewel"

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  1. When we lived in England, we would sometimes miss the taste of Hawaii so much that as a “special treat” we would occasionally buy 2 papaya for £1.99, the equivalent to about $3 at the time. It didn’t matter that they weren’t from Hawaii (usually South or Central America) – we just wanted to invoke the memories of this place. Now that we are back, we regularly go to the Hilo Farmer’s Market and get a bag of 7-10 for about $1.

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