Ulupono Center – Questions Answered From the Developer… Is Puna Getting a THIRD Longs?

I noticed that the Ulupono Center website was no longer running and I was curious if that meant anything like there was a stoppage in work on the place or something.

I fired off  the following  quick question to the developer last week:

To: Generalinfo
Subject: Question on Hawaii Property Ulupono Town Center?

I was curious about the Hawaii property listed on your website but the
link doesn’t work on the following page:  (The Ulupono Hawaii Property)


Any information you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Damon Tucker
Pahoa, Hawaii

I just received the following from the developer:

Mr. Tucker-

Thank you for your interest in Ulupono Center.  We are currently working on the website, and it should be back up in the coming days.

There are 10 finished, fee-simple lots for sale at Ulupono ranging in size from about half an acre to one acre.  Prices are $16 per square foot.  Long’s Drugs has already purchased the two largest lots in the project.

If you have any other specific questions, please feel free to let me

Dan Jones
Foster Enterprises

So we know about the Longs that is coming to Pahoa by Burger King and KFC near Woodland center from this blog posting.

There is already a Longs in the Keaau Shopping Center.

Does this future Ulupono one make 3 Longs Stores?  I can only assume that they would probably close down the one that is in the Keaau Market Place since that one is primarily just a prescription outlet.

Also interesting that no other lots have been purchased as of yet.

I’m not a realtor and I won’t pretend to be one… so maybe someone can answer my question.

Is $16.00 per square feet a good price for this location?

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