Three Resign From H-130 Advisory Group… Stapleton Asks About Obama’s Federal Funds

I forgot to mention in my blog earlier a couple other things about tonights meeting.

There were only about 10 – 12 people present from our original group of 25 members.  A few members had excused absences while others may have been attending the Pohoiki Boat Ramp meeting with the DLNR that was taking place at the same time.

I did ask about the absences of some of the members and asked how other members of the community could fill in for these absent members.  It got kicked around for a minute or two with no real answer to my question.

The thing that did come up that was not mentioned until then, was that 3 of the members had resigned. Why we weren’t told until I asked the question about members is something that I didn’t really think about until my drive home.

I have seen other members that have shown up at a few of these meetings with nothing to gain and really no way to give input… yet they continue to show up.  I feel these “Friends of the KPAG Group” (as the State likes to call people who show up to the meeting that aren’t on the actual task force) that continually show up at these long meetings… should be given a chance to fill these 3 vacancies.

It will be interesting to see who does show up for tomorrows meeting.  Per our charter agreement that we all signed back in August:

…In a case where a member’s position is declared vacant, the HDOT may appoint an alternative representative from the same interest group to fill the position.

It’s not really important to me whom resigned, but I would like to know what “interest group” is now no longer able to participate because of there “members” decision to resign from this project.

Hopefully, that “interest group” will be able to provide another member?

Frankie Stapleton handed me the following question which I asked once early on in the meeting… and then asked again at the end of the meeting when they allotted the question from the field:

“Damon, would you please ask if Pres-Elect Obama follows through on creating huge infrastructure projects to help the economy, provide jobs, etc.  How could Hawaii’s Public benefit from this?  Our Governor does not seem to be inclined to work w/the Pres-elect.   Can the State DOT initiate action in the timely manner Obama urges the States?”

The State rep that was there mentioned that the State had applied for funds, however, none of it was Earmarked for Highway-130 improvements.  I believe the rough ball figure the state rep. said was somewhere near 120 – 130 Million dollars that they are asking the Obama administration for.

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