Charging Station Locations Unveiled for “Project Better Place”

From the map of the locations of the charging stations on the Big Island, it looks like if I were to try and get a charge, I would have to drive nearly 30-40 miles round trip just to get a “Fill-up”.

The following map is a grid that “Project Better Place” released.  While it looks pretty good for the Island of Oahu, neighbor islands are going to be hurting.  Especially the West side of Kauai.

Project Better Place Charging Locations

Project Better Place Charging Locations

I have to question the Big Island locations.

I see they are trying to get the North, East, West, South locations, but does this company understand the population base of this Island?

The following Big Island locations is where I would suggest these charging stations to be located:

Ulupono Shopping Center (Future Site) Puna,  somewhere near the Hilo airport,  Hilo town, Waimea,  Honokaa, Puako,  South Point and Kona.

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