Rag Paper “The Hawaii Free Press” Announces it’s Last Print Edition

I just noticed that the piece of crap paper the “Hawaii Free Press” has printed it’s last edition.

How fitting that on the front page it would talk about someones  personal life to become a transsexual.

I won’t even publish the URL to their site on my blog!

The last time I checked one of their recent articles that the Konablog referenced on his blog… I emailed Aaron to let him know that only 300 some people had even viewed that article in more then a weeks time!

Andrew Walden… grow some ballz…”Mr. X” ;)

Three Resign From H-130 Advisory Group… Stapleton Asks About Obama’s Federal Funds

I forgot to mention in my blog earlier a couple other things about tonights meeting.

There were only about 10 – 12 people present from our original group of 25 members.  A few members had excused absences while others may have been attending the Pohoiki Boat Ramp meeting with the DLNR that was taking place at the same time.

I did ask about the absences of some of the members and asked how other members of the community could fill in for these absent members.  It got kicked around for a minute or two with no real answer to my question.

The thing that did come up that was not mentioned until then, was that 3 of the members had resigned. Why we weren’t told until I asked the question about members is something that I didn’t really think about until my drive home.

I have seen other members that have shown up at a few of these meetings with nothing to gain and really no way to give input… yet they continue to show up.  I feel these “Friends of the KPAG Group” (as the State likes to call people who show up to the meeting that aren’t on the actual task force) that continually show up at these long meetings… should be given a chance to fill these 3 vacancies.

It will be interesting to see who does show up for tomorrows meeting.  Per our charter agreement that we all signed back in August:

…In a case where a member’s position is declared vacant, the HDOT may appoint an alternative representative from the same interest group to fill the position.

It’s not really important to me whom resigned, but I would like to know what “interest group” is now no longer able to participate because of there “members” decision to resign from this project.

Hopefully, that “interest group” will be able to provide another member?

Frankie Stapleton handed me the following question which I asked once early on in the meeting… and then asked again at the end of the meeting when they allotted the question from the field:

“Damon, would you please ask if Pres-Elect Obama follows through on creating huge infrastructure projects to help the economy, provide jobs, etc.  How could Hawaii’s Public benefit from this?  Our Governor does not seem to be inclined to work w/the Pres-elect.   Can the State DOT initiate action in the timely manner Obama urges the States?”

The State rep that was there mentioned that the State had applied for funds, however, none of it was Earmarked for Highway-130 improvements.  I believe the rough ball figure the state rep. said was somewhere near 120 – 130 Million dollars that they are asking the Obama administration for.

Hunter Bishop Makes Appearance at H-130 Meeting… Blog Goes Poof!

I was surprised and happy to see former Blogger turned County Employee Hunter Bishop at tonights Highway-130 meeting.

My first thoughts were… I know he’s not here to blog… so what is he here for?  I had to ask him, and he said something to the effect that it’s now part of his job to attend things that may interest the County.  I guess the Highway 130 project was high enough on the Counties agenda for him to make an appearance, which tells me that hopefully the County will work with the State for the needs and wants of the people of  Puna and not just the State’s wishes.

Mr. Bishop also informed me that the County is working on getting a new website going in the future.

While I miss his blog, I truly think it will be a good thing for the community to have someone like Hunter in the position that he is in.

I continue to wish him the best of luck and mahalo for taking the time to come to the meeting tonight.

Now if  Governor Lingle or Mayor Kenoi ever shows up… I’ll drop dead!

*edit* I just noticed that it looks like Mr. Bishop has finally pulled his blog for good. :(

Moondog Outside Right Now

I just heard that there was a “Moondog” tonight.  Sure enough, I looked out and it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.

I can’t get my camera to work… and it’s starting to fade, but if you read my blog in the next few minutes go out and check out the moon.

Following picture by Andrew Cooper:

December 8th "Halo" - Picture by Andrew Cooper (The Darker Side)

December 8th "Halo" - Picture by Andrew Cooper (The Darker Side)

If anyone catches a picture of tonights Moondog here in Hawaii… I’d love to see it…

Can you hear me Mr. Cooper or Tom?

Today’s KO

Nothing like a little rug burn:


WestJet Partners With Mokulele

WestJet today announced a partnership with Mokulele Airlines, an inter-island airline based in Kona, Hawai’i. The partnership, designed to enhance service for inter-island travellers, follows an announcement last month by WestJet that the airline was increasing their Hawaiian service to 23 flights per week. This partnership with Mokulele allows those guests travelling with WestJet greater access and convenience in connecting to the many islands served by Mokulele as well as providing the people of Hawai’i greater access to WestJet’s network of 51 destinations…

More Here


Blog Update!

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Reader Asks for My Thoughts on the New Police Chief

I received the following email from someone:

Hi Damon,

I’m a fan of your blog especially your regular posting habit.  I’m wondering if you have any comment or information on the new big island police chief.  I watched the video here: http://www.bigislandvideonews.com/hawaii/20081204kubojiri.htm It seemed a bit odd, the big speech by Mr. Ashida about the voting process being as uninfluenced as possible with the ballot technique.

But then it seems that the issue was decided very clearly without dissent as the vote was unanimous…doesn’t seem like democracy in action.  Furthermore, the new chief goes through a congratulatory friendly fest shaking hands and hugging the commissioners and getting the welcome by Mayor Kenoi.  Was the other candidate Fukui even in attendance?  Was a search really done outside the bounds of our police department?  It seems as though the commission/mayor/corporate counsel are all on the same page — I’d prefer a little more dissent and choice in government.  This viewed like a ceremony rather than a vote.

Here is the catch, I don’t know either candidate or the any histroy of HPD, perhaps Kubojiri was the best and clear choice by far and wide….

Just thought you might have some info or be able to make something of this.

To answer the readers question, I really don’t know much about the new police chief.

It does anger me that the former police chief does not seem to want to listen to the voice of the people when it comes to the recent Pakalolo issue.

While I know the Police here on the Big Island do the best that they can, I feel that because of the limited funds available, the large and spread out population of this island, and the general economy in general, all contribute to the crime rates we have.

I also think the police are very underpaid here in this State and I think a lot of tax money is wasted by using police officers as frigging flaggers for construction projects.

Must be nice to get paid big bucks on your off time to tell traffic to stop and go. ;)

Anyone know why it is mandated that Police officers are used for highway and street projects as flaggers?

It seems to me, the county could save a bunch of money by hiring a bunch of kids out of High School for less then half the cost that they pay these officers to flag.

Ulupono Center – Questions Answered From the Developer… Is Puna Getting a THIRD Longs?

I noticed that the Ulupono Center website was no longer running and I was curious if that meant anything like there was a stoppage in work on the place or something.

I fired off  the following  quick question to the developer last week:

To: Generalinfo
Subject: Question on Hawaii Property Ulupono Town Center?

I was curious about the Hawaii property listed on your website but the
link doesn’t work on the following page:  (The Ulupono Hawaii Property)


Any information you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Damon Tucker
Pahoa, Hawaii

I just received the following from the developer:

Mr. Tucker-

Thank you for your interest in Ulupono Center.  We are currently working on the website, and it should be back up in the coming days.

There are 10 finished, fee-simple lots for sale at Ulupono ranging in size from about half an acre to one acre.  Prices are $16 per square foot.  Long’s Drugs has already purchased the two largest lots in the project.

If you have any other specific questions, please feel free to let me

Dan Jones
Foster Enterprises

So we know about the Longs that is coming to Pahoa by Burger King and KFC near Woodland center from this blog posting.

There is already a Longs in the Keaau Shopping Center.

Does this future Ulupono one make 3 Longs Stores?  I can only assume that they would probably close down the one that is in the Keaau Market Place since that one is primarily just a prescription outlet.

Also interesting that no other lots have been purchased as of yet.

I’m not a realtor and I won’t pretend to be one… so maybe someone can answer my question.

Is $16.00 per square feet a good price for this location?

Charging Station Locations Unveiled for “Project Better Place”

From the map of the locations of the charging stations on the Big Island, it looks like if I were to try and get a charge, I would have to drive nearly 30-40 miles round trip just to get a “Fill-up”.

The following map is a grid that “Project Better Place” released.  While it looks pretty good for the Island of Oahu, neighbor islands are going to be hurting.  Especially the West side of Kauai.

Project Better Place Charging Locations

Project Better Place Charging Locations

I have to question the Big Island locations.

I see they are trying to get the North, East, West, South locations, but does this company understand the population base of this Island?

The following Big Island locations is where I would suggest these charging stations to be located:

Ulupono Shopping Center (Future Site) Puna,  somewhere near the Hilo airport,  Hilo town, Waimea,  Honokaa, Puako,  South Point and Kona.

“Project Better Place” Unveils More Information

I’ve been blogging on and off about “Project Better Place” for the last few months.

Today, the company released more information on how these cars will work:

In every electric car on the network, Better Place will install its operating system to serve as the intelligence for the car and the network. The system will centralize the energy consumption of the car and help drivers plan travel routes so that the car always has enough power to get to and from a destination, according to a company release.

The Better Place software in the car will be connected to the service control center, which is designed to provide information and solutions for driving destinations in real time. The control center centralizes the energy consumption, regulates the different demands, and produces an energy consumption plan that is fitted to each car…

More Here

It kind of sounds like a “Big Brother is Watching You” type of car.  The company will know exactly where you are and what your driving habits are when ever they feel like it.

I think that it’s great that we are looking towards sustainable living, I just don’t know enough about these cars to really stand behind this project at this time.

But if Project Better Place wants to use me as a guinea pig… I’d be happy to try out one of the cars!

More on Project Better Place in Hawaii here.