My Blog Hits the #82 spot in the “Growing Blogs” in the World! Thanks Everyone

I just was informed that my blog made the December Growing Blogs – Blogs of the Day list for WORDPRESS!

My blog has actually broken the top 100 list IN THE WORLD for the month of December according to WordPress!

It’s actually listed at #82 according to this site:

I’m kind of blown away by this… and it couldn’t have happened with out you folks reading my blog!

Mahalo everyone!

3 Responses

  1. Very impressive, Damon, especially in the short amount of time you did it.

    With so many hits combined with the sagging economy, perhaps it’s time to monetize your blog?


  2. Congratulations, Damon! How high up the list are you if you take out all the other languages? (I can only read English!)

    Damon – Yeah… I don’t dare click any of those other links that I can’t read either… I’d hate to see what Hindu Child Porn looks like or something!

  3. Your tireless posting is paying off.

    Damon – Yeah right… show me the money!

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