Puna District Down 28% From 2007 in Residential Property Sales

The sales statistics from Hawaii Information Service for the Big Island in November 2008 show a continued downward trend, with the aggregate (all property types combined) year-to-date total sales volume (number of sales) falling 35% compared to 2007. The last time the volume was this low was in 1998.

The Puna District is leading the island in number of sales, with 370 residential and 702 vacant land sales through November 2008. (These numbers are down 28% and 41% respectively compared to 2007). North Hilo (0% change) and North Kohala (-11%) vacant land sales experienced the least percentage drop.

Hat Tip to the Island Trust “Hawaii Blog” a realty blog on the Big Island.

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  1. Thanks for the link Damon! Hey, I couldn’t make it to Pahoa for the parade today (my son & I had rehearsal for the Nutcracker..), so I thought I might ‘borrow” a few of your photos for my blog….OK if I make it clear where I got them from?

    Damon – You don’t see any copyrights on them do you? My pictures are fair game… I’m honored that one would even think to use one. I just wish I had a better camera!

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