Puna Community Medical Center Opening in January… Sunday Benefit

I bumped into Dan Domizio at the County inauguration, and he mentioned that the Puna Community Medical Center (PCMC)  is well on it’s way to its “planned” opening in January.  The electricity is running and the equipment is starting to get moved in.

I noticed in the Big Island Weekly the following:

There will be a benefit for the PCMC this Sunday at 5:30 at Akebono Theater.  The event will feature a movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and the movie’s message of social responsibility and renewal will be used as a jumpoff to pitch PCMC. Admission is free, but attendees will be asked to make a “love donation”. There will also be live music, dinner and a raffle.Contact: Gwen Kupahu, Council aide to Auntie Em, at (808) 965-2712.

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