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283 Accidents Reported Along H-130 from 2004 – 2006 and An Interesting Note at the Bottom

I received a freaking packet of papers that cost $4.80 in just mailing costs yesterday for our upcoming 6 hour meetings spread out over 2 days beginning Monday at Keaau Elementary School.   There must have been over 50 – 70 pages in this buggah and a lot of it was just review from previous meetings.

I’ve been spending all morning trying to sort through this stuff… and I’m getting a headache from trying to figure this stuff out.  I’m no damn effing highway engineer…

Quick Rant:

How the hell I’m a suppose to know the difference between a “paved swale” and a concrete “jersey” median? Do we go 2 lanes… 3 lanes… 4 lanes… or no lanes!  ARGH!  U-Turns…. WTF… not on H130!  I can’t believe someone would even suggest a thing :(  I do see talks about burying the power lines as I requested :) And what the hell are Elements d-1 through c-4 Combo 1 Kp road supposed to stand for?  Throwing fruit at me now… PEAR!  (Puna Emergency Access Road)  (IF I CAN TYPE THIS UP AND PUT IT ONLINE… WHY CAN”T THEY!)

Part of the packet we received were the accident rates that we previously requested from the state.  Quite an interesting message noted at the bottom in bold!

The following number of accidents were reported at the following intersections of Keaau-Pahoa Road (Highway 130) from 2004 – 2006.

Cross-street location and amount of accidents in 3 year period studied:

  • Volcano Road 31
  • Milo Street 6
  • Kukula Street 4
  • Access to Old Keaau-Pahoa Road 18
  • Opukahala Street 0
  • Transfer Station 6
  • Pohaku Drive/Shower Drive 16
  • Pohaku Place 6
  • Kaloli Drive 16
  • Pohaku Circle 3
  • Orchidland Drive 13
  • Paradise Drive 17
  • Aulii Street 4
  • Makuu Drive 24
  • Ilima Street 1
  • Ainaloa Boulevard 37
  • Ka Ohuwalu Drive 1
  • Kaluahine Street/Aulani Street 3
  • Old Pahoa (Government) Road 26
  • Kahakai Boulevard 23
  • Homestead Road (W) 3
  • Homesead Road (E) 2
  • Pahoa Kapoho Road 13

*The State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, has provided this traffic accident information under the protection of 23 USC 402(k) and 409. This information may not be used in federal or State court proceeding in any action for damages arising from any occurrence at a location mentioned or addressed in the information provided.

One Response

  1. Hi Damon,

    Do you have the original documents sent by the State for these traffic accidents? Can you provide me with a copy?

    Thank you very much!


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