Interesting Headline by Hawaii Tribune Herald… “Blogging Makes Us Conceited”

I’m not sure who the Hawaii Tribune headline writer is at the moment.

But I just LOVE today’s headline in the “Local Features” section: ;)

“Blogging Makes Us Conceited”

The article was a re-print by author Steven Kalas’s blog in the Review Journal out of Las Vegas.

Steven Kalas

Steven Kalas

The original Title is “We Think Too Much About Ourselves on Facebook” and the actual article is here.

It’s bad enough when the Hawaii Tribune attempts to make stories there own.  It’s even worse when they take someones own personal column and twist the words on the actual headlines in a completely different paper.

I’m giving Mr. Kalas a little email this morning.  ;)

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  1. Well, it made me smile to know that someone in Hawaii is my happy advocate.

    It’s funny, I don’t get to choose the headlines even here at the Review Journal in Las Vegas. And, every every now and then, I do feel like the headline misses my essential point or is in some other way NOT the headline I would have chosen.

    I would say that ‘conceit’ is in no way a synonym for narcissism. But it’s a common mistake, to blur those two ideas.

    All my column invites is a dispassionate observation of our culture’s current fascination with “watching ourselves, and watching ourselves watch ourselves.” Which, of course, lies at the heart NOT of conceit but of our collective narcissism.

    This world is very strange sometimes.

    Steven Kalas

    Damon – Thank you for your reply to the article Mr. Kalas. I knew there was more of a reason behind what the actual headlines write.
    You know Mr. Kalas, there are very few bloggers on this Island. We aren’t Oahu, and so the few bloggers that are on this island might assume this headline as a personal dig at us. ;) Most of us are way over the Stephens Media run paper on the island. (I know your employed by them…but so what)
    Thanks again for responding

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