Dear Mrs. Claus:

I’m lucky… I truly have a Mrs. Santa Claus that reads my blog.  Her name begins with an M and ends with an M and has a round vowel in the middle of the three letter word.

Dear Mrs. Claus,

As you know, this year I recently moved back to the Big Island and I’m still waiting for things to fall through on a few job positions.  In the meantime, do you think you can pick up the following present for my son this year:

Vtech Camera for Kids

Vtech Camera for Kids

I was hoping your elves might be able to buy it online here, however, it states it’s not available online.  Next best bet might be on Ebay here (as long as it’s a NEW UNUSED one).  Had someone check at WalMart today and they don’t have any more and are not getting any more until after Christmas.

I feel like this is the year that I wanted the “Little Hand Held Mattel” Football Game… And Santa had to look for months to find that buggah… but sure enough… when I woke up on Christmas morning…. there it was:

My thumbs would get sore playing this buggah

My thumbs would get sore playing this buggah

As for what I could use this year… it’s the same as every year… It’s green and it has presidents on it. ;)

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  1. Dear Mr. Tucker:

    The year you got the Mattel Football Game, Ms Clause had to get it USED from a co-worker’s husband who realized how DESPERATELY you wanted that toy. Memories of early technologies………. ;-)

    Grandma Clause

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