“Say Current”, a Bishop Swan Song and A New Goose

One of the parts of Hunter Bishop’s Blog that I enjoyed visiting, was the “All Natural” section of his blog.

I hope Hunter keeps his blog open for a while as it really has a great archive.

I don’t see a reason for him to keep paying for the service if he isn’t going to use it any more.

If that becomes the case… I have adopted his “All Natural” section and renamed it as “Say Current” on the right hand side of my blog.

It was hard for me removing Hunters Blog from my blogroll today.  His blog really inspired me to write a blog and actually become a bit more active in the community.  If my blog can do even one tenth of what Hunters blog did… I’ll be happy.

So while Bishop’s blog was the Swan of the Big Island, Bishop has flown off to birdie blog heaven, so  Tiffany’s Blog can lay the proverbial golden eggs now… while I try and be the Ugly Duckling for a while.

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