“Say Current”, a Bishop Swan Song and A New Goose

One of the parts of Hunter Bishop’s Blog that I enjoyed visiting, was the “All Natural” section of his blog.

I hope Hunter keeps his blog open for a while as it really has a great archive.

I don’t see a reason for him to keep paying for the service if he isn’t going to use it any more.

If that becomes the case… I have adopted his “All Natural” section and renamed it as “Say Current” on the right hand side of my blog.

It was hard for me removing Hunters Blog from my blogroll today.  His blog really inspired me to write a blog and actually become a bit more active in the community.  If my blog can do even one tenth of what Hunters blog did… I’ll be happy.

So while Bishop’s blog was the Swan of the Big Island, Bishop has flown off to birdie blog heaven, so  Tiffany’s Blog can lay the proverbial golden eggs now… while I try and be the Ugly Duckling for a while.

Uncle Ledward Nominated for Best Hawaiian Music Album… Twice

Uncle Led was nominated for Best Hawaiian Music Album… and he has two chances at it.  ;)

His own Album “Force of Nature” is nominated which he compiled with Mike Kaawa:

"Force of Nature" Cover

And the album “Hawaiian Slack Key Kings Masters Series Vol. II,”  has his song “Fireman’s Hula” included in the Album:


More Here

Today’s KO

These kids were about to try and scare the kids on the bikes from their car… Warning, strong language and graphic:


41 More Gone From the Advertiser

The Honolulu Advertiser today announced a third round of staff reductions, with 41 employees accepting voluntary buyouts and another 10 being laid off…

More Here

I guess we will be seeing more blogs pop up.

When will people believe me that newspapers are a thing of the past?  ;)

Shai Agassi Press Conference Announcing “Project Better Place”


Governor Lingle Driving a “Project Better Place” Car… The Video

This was shot after Lingle Announced that “Project Better Place” would go forward:


Dear Mrs. Claus:

I’m lucky… I truly have a Mrs. Santa Claus that reads my blog.  Her name begins with an M and ends with an M and has a round vowel in the middle of the three letter word.

Dear Mrs. Claus,

As you know, this year I recently moved back to the Big Island and I’m still waiting for things to fall through on a few job positions.  In the meantime, do you think you can pick up the following present for my son this year:

Vtech Camera for Kids

Vtech Camera for Kids

I was hoping your elves might be able to buy it online here, however, it states it’s not available online.  Next best bet might be on Ebay here (as long as it’s a NEW UNUSED one).  Had someone check at WalMart today and they don’t have any more and are not getting any more until after Christmas.

I feel like this is the year that I wanted the “Little Hand Held Mattel” Football Game… And Santa had to look for months to find that buggah… but sure enough… when I woke up on Christmas morning…. there it was:

My thumbs would get sore playing this buggah

My thumbs would get sore playing this buggah

As for what I could use this year… it’s the same as every year… It’s green and it has presidents on it. ;)

Interesting Headline by Hawaii Tribune Herald… “Blogging Makes Us Conceited”

I’m not sure who the Hawaii Tribune headline writer is at the moment.

But I just LOVE today’s headline in the “Local Features” section: ;)

“Blogging Makes Us Conceited”

The article was a re-print by author Steven Kalas’s blog in the Review Journal out of Las Vegas.

Steven Kalas

Steven Kalas

The original Title is “We Think Too Much About Ourselves on Facebook” and the actual article is here.

It’s bad enough when the Hawaii Tribune attempts to make stories there own.  It’s even worse when they take someones own personal column and twist the words on the actual headlines in a completely different paper.

I’m giving Mr. Kalas a little email this morning.  ;)

Sprint Enhances Wireless in Hawaii… Launches “Ready Now” Program

From the Device Arena Blog:

To improve the customer experience in Hawaii, Sprint invested more than $6.7 million and added 13 new cell sites to its wireless networks in the area during the first three quarters of 2008. Additionally, Sprint launched its Ready Now program — an enhanced customer service experience — in all of its island chain retail stores…

…Sprint Mobile Broadband with EV-DO (Evolution – Data Optimized) Revision (Rev.) A technology, combined with a wide variety of EV-DO Rev. A-capable devices, allows customers to send and receive e-mail with large file attachments, access the Internet in seconds and enjoy streaming video and other real-time applications, as well as location-based solutions, on-the-go. Customers in the following areas will experience a better overall wireless experience as a result of recent network enhancements:

CDMA-enhanced areas that include EV-DO coverage:

  • Waimea Canyon on Kauai
  • Wailua Homestead on Kauai
  • Kukuiolono on Kauai
  • Anahola on Kauai
  • Keokea on the Big Island
  • Paauilo on the Big Island
  • Ainaola on the Big Island
  • University of Hawaii on Oahu
  • Kahala on Oahu
  • More Here

    “Hilo: Betrayal on the Big Island” Today on TV… Hawaii Police Officer Mathison Murder Case Against His Wife

    When I first moved to Hilo, I was taking classes at Hawaii Community College.

    I was stunned to learn that one of my classmates was a police officer that was accused of killing his wife.

    Booking Picture of Officer Kenneth Mathison

    Booking Picture of Officer Kenneth Mathison

    Today on the Biography Channel: City Confidential at 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on Oceanic Channel 548

    “When Hawaii police officer Kenneth Mathison is suspected of killing his wife, authorities let him off with only a slap on the wrist. But after outraged citizens demand a thorough investigation, Mathison ends up facing kidnapping and murder charges. Narrated by Paul Winfield.”

    More Info Here

    More on the actual case here

    On Thanksgiving evening, November 27, 1992, Sergeant Kenneth Mathison and his wife Yvonne drive their 1988 tan Ford van along Route 131 in Hilo, Hawaii. The rain is pouring down and before he knows it, Kenneth Mathison is awaiting police assistance as he cradles his wife’s dead body in the back of their van. Mathison, a sergeant of 25 years with the Hilo Police Department was allegedly informing his wife, a maternity nursing professional at the Hilo Medical Center, that he was being investigated in his second paternity suit. According to Mathison, when Yvonne heard the news, she jumped from the passenger side of the van. While he was looking for her in the blinding rain, Mathison purportedly ran over his wife. He then carried the body into the van and secured it with yellow rope in the back before attempting to find help…

    …Police Sergeant Kenneth Mathison is a Haole. Young-faced and small-framed, Mathison got his start in law enforcement working undercover, catching youngsters dealing in marijuana. Martins was attracted to Mathison’s youthful looks.

    Though her relatives disapproved, Martins decided to bring the Haole into her family. At first, Yvonne’s marriage to Kenneth came together as beautifully as an orchid lei. However, it was not long before Yvonne found herself at the center of a domestic typhoon…

    Big Island Home Now Being Raffled… What Happened with the Maui Home

    Back in September I mentioned a Maui home that was being “Raffled” via essay writing contest.

    I have the feeling something fishy is up.

    Former Pahoa High graduate Erika Engle reports in today’s Star Bulletin that a Big Island home is now being offered in the same way:

    A Big Island couple is going to give away a house, using an essay contest that is open worldwide, via the Internet.  All essay entries must be written in English, however…

    Home Being "Raffled" on Big Island

    Home Being Raffled on the Big Island

    I don’t know what happened with the Maui home that was being raffled off.

    Something is fishy!