The Time I Lost the Keys to the State Capital Chambers

One of my jobs I held, was being the Production Assistant for “Capital Television” during the 2000 Legislative Session.

It was an interesting job where my main responsibility was writing Press Releases for media outlets throughout the state that explained when, what channel and what hearing would be broadcast and rebroadcast on the public access channels throughout the State.  Other responsibilities included working the cameras and switchboards as well as setting up the cameras and editing boards for the meetings, but primarily I had a crew that did most of this work for me.

Hawaii State Senate Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

Hawaii State Senate Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

I got to meet many of our Legislatures that year that still to this day, I can call them a friend of mine.  This was before 9-11 and security was pretty lame at the capital at the time.

I could bring anyone and anybody in and out of the chambers anytime I wanted and actually had the keys to the edit control rooms of both the House and Senate Floor Control Rooms.

One day, I decided to bring one of my friends, Matt Lum, into the Capitol for a quick tour since he was really into politics at the time.

I picked him up from his place and drove into the parking structure of the capital as I normally did.  The walk from the garage on vineyard street to the actual capital is about a 1/4 mile walk.  By the time we had reached the capital control room, I went to unlock the door, and I couldn’t find my keys!  Matt and I back tracked back and forth for nearly an hour looking for the keys.  It also had my car key on it, so this was my transportation as well as the keys to the STATE CAPITAL CHAMBER were on it.

I was literally shitting bricks.  Not only were the State Capital Chamber Keys on it, but the keys to my night job were also on it which was a media outlet on Oahu.  I was stressing so bad.  I put up signs along the walk way from where my car was parked all the way to the capital mentioning a Reward for the Keys and to call me at the number listed.

Hawaii House of Representatives Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

Hawaii House of Representatives Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

Well it was just my luck that I had my “Foodland” Discount shopping card on my keychain and someone turned my keys into foodland.  Within 72 hours I had my keys back and only a few people at the State Capital knew that the keys to the Capital were missing!

I have never misplaced my keys since then!  (knock on wood)

Moral of this story:

“Don’t ever go into politics if you can’t even hold onto your own keys” Or “Never try and represent… If you can’t represent yourself”

P.S. Interesting note, those that work inside the capital as like runners and people who are new to the building, because it’s literally a maze in the building… often times people refer to the two sides as the Blue Chamber and the Red Chamber… and all politics are out the door when it’s running around the capital building like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

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  1. Scary story with a happy ending. Personally, I am too obsessive/compulsive to have that happen to me, as I check for my keys and other required items at no greater than 5 minute intervals.

    Kudos to the unnamed hero who delivered subject keys to Foodland. An honest human being near me recently turned in a 4 carat diamond engagement ring to store personnel, where the owner, in desperation inquired and was very, very happy when she did.

  2. I’ve twice lost a credit card on the Big Island. The first time I got home and realised it was missing I drove back to the couple of shops I’d visited and they searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. They said they would look for it again and that I should call the bank. I found the card at home – it had dropped out of my wallet! The shops did everything they could to help.

    The second time was at Longs. I left my card at the checkout by mistake. By the time I got home they had already left a voice mail on my phone and had called the bank to report a lost card and had put it in their vault.

    There are some wonderfully honest people and companies here!


    Damon – Just the other day I was reading about a Hawaii girl who found $10,000 in a wallet at thrift store and returned it!
    The spirit of aloha does exist… and because of it… I saved about $1000 bucks in door replacements

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