Sierra Club Hawaii and the “Moon Mission”

Just noticed this interesting article in the New York Times.

…The project is Hawaii’s own moon mission, led by the Blue Planet Foundation and not by the state’s political establishment…

…Hawaii is as energy-hungry as any state, but it has no oil, natural gas, hydroelectric dams or nuclear plants. It needs imported crude to keep the lights on, but it also has an abundance of clean-energy sources: sunshine, wind, powerful tides and waves and cold ocean depths…

…The foundation plans to seek structural changes, like pushing the state government and Hawaii’s main utility, the Hawaiian Electric Company, to revamp an obsolete electrical system to increase efficiency and to allow customers with solar panels to easily sell power back to the grid…

More Here

The article refers to former Hawaii Sierra Club Executive Director, Jeff Mikulina, who has since left this position to do pursue other things, so I assume this article is a bit old, however, it was published today.

Former Hawaii Sierra Club Director Jeff Mikulina

Former Hawaii Sierra Club Executive Director Jeff Mikulina

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