New York Times Confirms “Project Better Place” Coming to Hawaii… I Still Say They Are Only in it for Money

I was the first in Hawaii to blog about “Project Better Place” back on September 7th.

It hit the newspapers a few weeks later saying that it was coming… however, I corrected the paper and said that it was not confirmed here.

I mentioned how I thought “Project Better Place” was only in it for the money and company officials  attempted to dispute my theory here.

The New York Times, has confirmed today that “Project Better Place” is coming to Hawaii:

The State of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Electric Company on Tuesday endorsed an effort to build an alternative transportation infrastructure based on electric vehicles with swappable batteries and an “intelligent” battery recharging network…

By using existing electric car technologies, coupled with an Internet-connected web of tens of thousands of recharging stations, he thinks his company, Better Place LLC of Palo Alto, Calif., will make all-electric vehicles feasible

…In the collapse of the mortgage economy, he said that investors are looking for new classes of assets that will provide dependable revenue streams over a multiyear time frame. “I believe the new asset class is batteries,” he said. “When you have a driver in a car using a battery, nobody is going to cut their subscription and stop driving...”

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As I previously stated… it will cost more to the consumer to constantly buy and recharge batteries, then gasoline costs now.

Project Better Place sponsored video:


3 Responses

  1. HECO is also in it for the money. And I would say I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. My husband and I plan to be early adopters, if the electric car stations do ever materialize. I’ll have to look into the issue of the battery charging costs though.

    I would like to recommend the documentary “Who killed the electric car?” to everyone. I think it is even more interesting now in light of the current auto industry bailout.

    To Gordon Tilley: “Hawaiians” are native-Hawaiians. People who live in Hawaii are just referred to as people who live in Hawaii.

  2. Jeff Wilson talked about this in his recently released book The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence NOW. I found it fascinating but thought it a bit futuristic. It is exciting to see the very plans he talked about in his book beginning to unfold NOW. Go Hawaii, Go Better Place, show the rest of the world how to do it…and go Jeff Wilson and your new book The Manhattan Project of 2009

  3. Damon, few projects or businesses are “in it” for anything but the money. And the taxes they generate supports all government services from schools to roadways. If a business can contribute in a more socially worthwhile way better yet, but tell me you’ve never bought Pringles($$ for the maker).

    I would agree the electric auto thing with our present electric situation would be foolish. However, Mr English and Mililani Trask from the Hawaiian side are now opening up to Geothermal, if done right. If put much in Hawaiian hands, this could be a boon to this island unlike any other, and benefit the Hawaiian population enormously. Just that is being done in NZ with the Maori. If involved from the gitgo, Hawaiians would make out, and make money.

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