“Let’s Talk About Sex” UH Students Respond… The Video

Just noticed this clip of UH Students responding to a survey being done by a UH Student.

Pretty interesting results.  I wonder if this was suppose to be for a class project.

Well the world knows now about the habits of some of these students.  ;)


The Time I Lost the Keys to the State Capital Chambers

One of my jobs I held, was being the Production Assistant for “Capital Television” during the 2000 Legislative Session.

It was an interesting job where my main responsibility was writing Press Releases for media outlets throughout the state that explained when, what channel and what hearing would be broadcast and rebroadcast on the public access channels throughout the State.  Other responsibilities included working the cameras and switchboards as well as setting up the cameras and editing boards for the meetings, but primarily I had a crew that did most of this work for me.

Hawaii State Senate Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

Hawaii State Senate Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

I got to meet many of our Legislatures that year that still to this day, I can call them a friend of mine.  This was before 9-11 and security was pretty lame at the capital at the time.

I could bring anyone and anybody in and out of the chambers anytime I wanted and actually had the keys to the edit control rooms of both the House and Senate Floor Control Rooms.

One day, I decided to bring one of my friends, Matt Lum, into the Capitol for a quick tour since he was really into politics at the time.

I picked him up from his place and drove into the parking structure of the capital as I normally did.  The walk from the garage on vineyard street to the actual capital is about a 1/4 mile walk.  By the time we had reached the capital control room, I went to unlock the door, and I couldn’t find my keys!  Matt and I back tracked back and forth for nearly an hour looking for the keys.  It also had my car key on it, so this was my transportation as well as the keys to the STATE CAPITAL CHAMBER were on it.

I was literally shitting bricks.  Not only were the State Capital Chamber Keys on it, but the keys to my night job were also on it which was a media outlet on Oahu.  I was stressing so bad.  I put up signs along the walk way from where my car was parked all the way to the capital mentioning a Reward for the Keys and to call me at the number listed.

Hawaii House of Representatives Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

Hawaii House of Representatives Chamber, Notice Control Room in Back

Well it was just my luck that I had my “Foodland” Discount shopping card on my keychain and someone turned my keys into foodland.  Within 72 hours I had my keys back and only a few people at the State Capital knew that the keys to the Capital were missing!

I have never misplaced my keys since then!  (knock on wood)

Moral of this story:

“Don’t ever go into politics if you can’t even hold onto your own keys” Or “Never try and represent… If you can’t represent yourself”

P.S. Interesting note, those that work inside the capital as like runners and people who are new to the building, because it’s literally a maze in the building… often times people refer to the two sides as the Blue Chamber and the Red Chamber… and all politics are out the door when it’s running around the capital building like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

Ka’u School Ripped Off, Vandalized and Set on Fire in Spots


Pictures of incident and a much better article located here.

The Hawaii Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying whoever was responsible for vandalism and theft at Ka’u High School over the weekend.

Ka’u patrol officers responded to a report Monday morning (December 1) that classrooms at the school had been vandalized and that 14 laptop computers, two televisions and a computer printer had been removed. Arriving officers determined that the vandals had set fires in several areas on campus.

Police ask anyone with information about this case to call Detective Gerald Wike at 326-4646, extension 302. Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona. All Crime Stoppers calls are kept confidential.


The Superferry Chronicles: A Book Review by James Heddle

I just noticed this book review of “The Superferry Chronicles” by James Heddle:

“The sleek, aluminum mega-catamaran streaksacross the sea swells at forty miles an hour. Powered by jet engines, it rides high, skimming the surface on twin hulls that slice sharply through the water…and also, incidentally, accidentally through any dolphins, whale pups, sea turtles or, for that matter, human protesters that happen to get in the way.

Five stories high and a football field-and-a-half long, the superferry can carry 866 civilian or military personnel, 282 civilian cars and trucks…or an unknown quantity of Stryker Depleted Uranium-firing military tanks across the high seas and into shallow water on any island chain or continent. China, and other potential US rivals, please take note.

It’s the prototype for a new generation of US Navy attack craft. The superferry is designed as part of the Pentagon’s Littoral Combat Ship and Joint High Speed Vessel programs as their contribution to ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ power projection policy in the Pacific… not to mention all around the watery globe in pursuit of ‘American [Business] Interests.’

The superferry, which was apparently started as an quasi-idealistic business venture by small-time Silicon Valley software entrepreneur Timothy Dick, is now the pet project of John F.(for First Nuclear Strike) Lehman – a Nixon-Kissinger-Reagan-Bush-Pearl confidant, Project for a New American Century (PNAC) fellow traveler – and CEO, Admiral Thomas Fargo (former head of the U.S. Pacific Command). Both are major players in the American ‘defense community’ and its attendant, mucho-lucrative industries.

Poor Timothy was squeezed out long ago as the profitability potential – not to mention the military advantages – to be gained from the project came clear.

Light Bulb! Dollar Signs! This baby can become the catamaran that laid the golden egg – if the Navy contracts to mass produce it for world-around oceanic power projection.

Yet, in Hawaii the superferry is being spun as a benign, almost selflessly humanitarian, local inter-island transportation effort on behalf of (you guessed it) The People.

As such, it should be exempt from state and federal environmental impact laws. Right?

It should exclude from any democratic choice the local populations most affected by the sudden influx of tourists-and-their-trash, tourist car exhaust fumes, and practice invasions by Depleted Uranium-firing tanks. Right?

The US Government should underwrite the project with a $140,000 loan. Right?

Anyway, that’s what Hawaii’s counterpart to Alaska’s Sarah Palin, the ambitious Republican Governor Linda Lingle and longtime military maven Sen. Daniel Inouye , not to mention Norman Mineta, head of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) are using their considerable leverage to advocate.

Trouble is, The People aren’t buying it. And there’s the rub.

Turns out it’s The People’s ardent, courageous, and (so far) effective opposition to the project that has slowed it down and prevented the planned deployment of the superferry from its Honolulu hub throughout the islands. The authors report that, “…there is no sure victory yet…. [ but ] At least for now, the Hawaii Superferry does not go to Kaua’i, and the …protests have achieved legendary status on the islands.” As the book goes to press in the Fall of 2008, “…the boat is still running to Maui, as the legal battles continue. The so-called Environmental Impact Statement mandated last year by a special session of the state legislature is in process, though it is merely a disclosure document (unlike a real EIS under federal or state law), one that will not require the company to actually mitigate any environmental concerns.” But the resistance continues to be fertile. Ironically, the plan to link the islands by superferries has, instead, united the islands in grassroots opposition.

That’s the outrageous, galvanizing, empowering, unfinished story told in the just-published SUPER FERRY CHRONICLES by Koohan Paik and Jerry Mander.

Co-author Paik is a journalist, media educator and award-winning filmmaker based on the island of Kaua’i, the first target of the invasion.

Mander is a former progressive ad man, author (Four Arguments for the Abolition of Television, In the Absence of the Sacred, among other books), and director of the International Forum on Globalization (IFG), a San Francisco-based ‘think tank’ dedicated since 1914 to exposing the negative impacts of economic globalization.

SUPER FERRY CHRONICLES tells the global story behind the local headlines and scant national media coverage of this micro/macrocosmic struggle. It documents a new front in Hawaii’s long-term, on-going, unstoppable indigenous sovereignty movement. This movement has continued since US sugar-growers, backed by US fire power, deposed the indigenous government and land-grabbed via military annexation, a chain of pristine islands that would later become a state and a launch pad for US power projection smack dab in the middle of the Pacific.

As co-author Paik puts it, “ From an American geopolitical perspective, Hawai’i’s purpose has always been to function as mission control [her italics] for its military endeavors.” As this book makes clear, in this struggle, as in so many others around the planet, the local is the global and the global is the local.

The SUPER FERRY CHRONICLES weaves together a moving mosaic of informed commentary and in depth reporting by the co-author/editors with the voices of local activists and investigative reporters – including celebrated indigenous rights activist Haunani-Kay Trask – to lay the complex backstory bare. Forget about the latest 007 pseudo-thriller Quantum of Solace. This actuality investigative expose’ rocks!

As co-author Jerry Mander points out, the interlaced high geo-political v. local drama, the cast of heavies and heros, and the narrative ironies involved in this story make it ‘Hollywood Material’ for a block-buster feature film along the lines of Wall Street, Michael Clayton or Syriana. This is a real-life action-intrigue drama, he points out, even without (as yet) any murder or sex (that we know of so far).

Like indigenous and local rights movements in Africa, South American and Asia; like California’s so-far-successful citizen Stop-the-Spray movement to ban the rural and urban aerial and ground spraying of toxic pesticides; like the national grassroots Election Protection movement that helped prevent yet another stolen election in the U.S. this November, Hawai’i’s grassroots campaign against the ‘Invasion of the SuperFerries’ is one of a growing number of deep democracy eruptions that signal a new era of progressive planetarian politics.

Never before, in so many places – local, national and international – on every continent, have so many grassroots people, able activists, cultural creatives, progressive business leaders and elected officials been at work on so many issues. This timely book is one of a proliferating number of reminders that, rest assured, the immune system of the planetary body politic has kicked in and is rising to the cosmic occasion

Kudos and appreciations to co-creators Paik and Mander for completing the massive task of bringing this complex local/global drama in eminently readable form to the wide audience it deserves.

Given President-Elect Obama’s deep personal connection to the Islands, one can’t help but hope that this book will find its way into his hands and mind and heart and that he will use his good office to ‘do the right thing’ on this issue.”

To: Hunter Bishop, County of Hawaii Public Information Officer


Mahalo Mr. Bishop for the quick reply.  It’s a good sign that we will have open government.

Dear Mr. Bishop,

I would like to congratulate you on your recent appoint to the County of Hawaii.

I know that you are just getting into the job and probably have a lot to learn in the next few weeks.

As of right now, I’m not sure exactly what your job entails, however, I do have a feeling that it has to do with releasing information to the public.

I have a couple requests of the County now that the new administration has formed and the new council has been seated.

1. I would like the email addresses of the three new council members.

2. I would like Mayor Kenoi’s Email along with Mr. Command and Mr. Dayton’s email addresses… (and your new work email address)

3. I would like to know the names of the paid Legislative Assistants to the Council, as well as their government paid for email addresses.

Since I do not currently have your new “official” email address, I’m sending this to your last known “email” address.  ;)

Please respond as soon as you are able to.


Damon Tucker, Pahoa

Today’s KO

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New York Times Confirms “Project Better Place” Coming to Hawaii… I Still Say They Are Only in it for Money

I was the first in Hawaii to blog about “Project Better Place” back on September 7th.

It hit the newspapers a few weeks later saying that it was coming… however, I corrected the paper and said that it was not confirmed here.

I mentioned how I thought “Project Better Place” was only in it for the money and company officials  attempted to dispute my theory here.

The New York Times, has confirmed today that “Project Better Place” is coming to Hawaii:

The State of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Electric Company on Tuesday endorsed an effort to build an alternative transportation infrastructure based on electric vehicles with swappable batteries and an “intelligent” battery recharging network…

By using existing electric car technologies, coupled with an Internet-connected web of tens of thousands of recharging stations, he thinks his company, Better Place LLC of Palo Alto, Calif., will make all-electric vehicles feasible

…In the collapse of the mortgage economy, he said that investors are looking for new classes of assets that will provide dependable revenue streams over a multiyear time frame. “I believe the new asset class is batteries,” he said. “When you have a driver in a car using a battery, nobody is going to cut their subscription and stop driving...”

More Here

As I previously stated… it will cost more to the consumer to constantly buy and recharge batteries, then gasoline costs now.

Project Better Place sponsored video:


Hawaii Prosecuting Attorney on New Marijuana Drug Law: The Video

…Contrary to what some may believe, marijuana continues to illegal on the Big Island under State and Federal Laws…Prosecuting Attorney Jay Kimura at the County of Hawaii Inaugural Cermony.


Video Courtesy of BIVN

Sierra Club Hawaii and the “Moon Mission”

Just noticed this interesting article in the New York Times.

…The project is Hawaii’s own moon mission, led by the Blue Planet Foundation and not by the state’s political establishment…

…Hawaii is as energy-hungry as any state, but it has no oil, natural gas, hydroelectric dams or nuclear plants. It needs imported crude to keep the lights on, but it also has an abundance of clean-energy sources: sunshine, wind, powerful tides and waves and cold ocean depths…

…The foundation plans to seek structural changes, like pushing the state government and Hawaii’s main utility, the Hawaiian Electric Company, to revamp an obsolete electrical system to increase efficiency and to allow customers with solar panels to easily sell power back to the grid…

More Here

The article refers to former Hawaii Sierra Club Executive Director, Jeff Mikulina, who has since left this position to do pursue other things, so I assume this article is a bit old, however, it was published today.

Former Hawaii Sierra Club Director Jeff Mikulina

Former Hawaii Sierra Club Executive Director Jeff Mikulina