Psst… Karin Typo in Your Advertiser Column

I know AP writer Karin Stanton reads this blog, and I spoke with her for a few minutes today.

So I’ll just post this on my blog and see how long it takes the Honolulu Advertiser to fix this in their breaking news coverage of today’s inauguration:

“…Yoshimoto is joined by five other returning councilmembers: Emily Naole of Puna, Brenda Ford of Kona, Pete Hoffmann of Kohala, Dominic Yagong of Hamakua and Donald Ikeda of Hilo…”

Karin… It’s “Naeole” ;)

This is one of the things about Newspapers.  I’m not sure Karin will be able to go in and fix this typo without actually getting a hold of the Advertiser’s Webmaster.

I make typo’s all the time.  At least when I make them on my blog… I get control of when and how I fix them… And I’m not a major newspaper… I’m just the everyday “Joe blogger”, hu iz stihl lurning hau 2 spel @ tymes.

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  1. Yes, my bad. I certainly meant no disrespect and will apologize to Emily next time I see her. I always go back and double-check ‘Hoffmann’ and ‘Yoshimoto’ for stray characters. Will make a mental note to watch for missing ‘e’s in the future.

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