Governor Lingle’s West Hawaii Liaison and Former House Candidate Andy Smith Running Basketball Camp

When I lived on campus at UH Hilo, I lived with some guys on the basketball team.  I had the opportunity to make friends with a few of them that I still keep in contact to this day.

At today’s County Inauguration, I bumped into one of them.  Andy Smith played at UH Hilo where he was known as a tall man that was a deep three point threat!  I haven’t seen a tall guy shoot from outside like that since at UH Hilo.  I used to party with him during the off-season, so it was very surprising to me when I was on Oahu when I learned that he had gotten into politics.

Andy Smith at the Hawaii County Inauguration

Andy Smith at the Hawaii County Inauguration

Andy is now Governor Lingle’s East Hawaii Liaison and recently ran a close race for the State House.


He gave me his card and let me know that he is running a Basketball Camp called Hawaii Island Hoops.

If anyone is interested in setting up a camp with Mr. Smith, I urge you to give him an email at [email protected]


Andy is a great guy, and I would trust my own son in his hands.

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