Slugs, Snails, and Snubs… Advertiser Reports UH Research on Slimeys

I wrote about the slug and snail research that UH Researchers were working on here.

Today’s Honolulu Advertiser basically ran the same report today, “UH Researchers Compile Data on Snail, Slug, Species in Hawaii.”

It is interesting how things that I find online… interestingly enough become “Honolulu Staff” articles. ;)

If I remember correctly, former reporter Tim Ryan from the Star Bulletin was fired for writing similar articles by just rewording something that was previously written.

Wonder why the Advertiser puts “Advertiser Staff” instead of something else on the byline of the article?

I try my best to give credit where due by linking directly to articles that I cut and paste from.  It’s a shame major publications don’t do the same.

To see the article where the Advertiser and I both pulled our information from, check out Science Daily.


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