New Time and Channel: BJ Penn Show at 10:30

I previously blogged about the BJ Penn show that was suppose to start at 9:30 on KFVE.

Well obviously it isn’t on now.  (As you can see from the above link… the youtube clip even showed K5 although the clip is no longer available)

I’ve now learned it will start in about half an hour on KHON2:

..MAUI X PRODUCTIONS, a Hawaii based television production company will be producing the new BJPENN.COM SHOW set to air on KHON Channel 2 on Sunday Nov. 30th at 10:30 p.m

Big Island Chronicle… Unfolding and Seeking Contributors

The other day I posed the question… “When Will Tiffany Edwards Hunt Start Blogging Again?

Well it looks like the answer is “Unfolding” as I write this.  It appears that Tiffany is also looking for a few contributors to her site.  I wonder if she would post a knockout ;)


E-mail to get involved with or to offer a submission.

“Pinoy Drug Mules Jailed in Hawaii”… Says Phillipines DEA

(Headline from article) ;)

Filipino drug couriers working for Nigerian drug syndicates have been arrested and jailed in Hawaii, according to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency…

…At least 69 Filipinos have been arrested in different airports in China since January this year for trying to smuggle heroin from Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia.

Most of them were women.

Twenty-four of them were caught bringing suitcases that contained dangerous drugs and were all recruited either directly or indirectly by Nigerian nationals.

Eight of them concealed dangerous drugs inside their bodies; and the remaining 37 were trying to smuggle dangerous drugs into China through other means.

More Here

I think this might be their version of the Enquirer or something?

Kalaupapa Featured in the New York Times… “We are — and you are not.”

Just noticed an interesting article on Kalaupapa in the New York Times.

A Story of Exile and Union Few are Left to Tell

Kalaupapa is one place that I want to go to at least once in my life time.

…Others live here because this is where they were sent, against their will, long ago.You see, he says, “We are — and you are not…”

Today’s KO


Tonight: BJ Penn Show Sundays *Correction* 10:30 KHON2


“…Check out BJ Penn’s Show starting NOV 30th on K5 every sunday night at 9:30 pm Hawaii time, 10:30 KHON2,  If you can catch it then you can see it at BJPENN.COM the week after each episode airs…See behind the scenes with BJ and see how he’s prepairing for his upcoming fight against George St. Pierre in January for UFC 94. Then Check out some beautiful girls for the Pretty Wahine Contest we’re having, then check out The first Hawaiian underground MMA Tournament to see whos’ the best fighters on the islands…”


Senator J. Kalani English on Geothermal

I noticed Senator J. Kalani English posted this youtube video about his views on Geothermal today.

He talks about how Geothermal in Iceland is linked to the Icelandic peoples beliefs and correlates it to Pele here in Hawaii.


Is it time to re-visit Geothermal… I think so.

“…It’s Encumbent on the Hawaiians to be the first to come forward and put forward this discussion one more time.” Senator J. Kalani English


All Asian Countries Look the Same???

Often times you hear naive comments by people that judge people by their looks.

For instance, I’ve heard all Asians look the same, all African Americans look the same, and I’ve even heard all Haoles look the same.

The other day I blogged about how Taiwan’s Woes were helping the local florist industries here in Hawaii.

Reader Dave Smith commented… “I think you mean Thailand”.   Well of course I meant Thailand, I freaking was reading the BIVN blog on it at the time I was writing it.

I guess even when writing a blog, you can make stupid mistakes on Asian countries.  Sorry to any Taiwanese or Thai people that I may have offended.

I’ll just chalk this one up under the “idiot” category below.

Slugs, Snails, and Snubs… Advertiser Reports UH Research on Slimeys

I wrote about the slug and snail research that UH Researchers were working on here.

Today’s Honolulu Advertiser basically ran the same report today, “UH Researchers Compile Data on Snail, Slug, Species in Hawaii.”

It is interesting how things that I find online… interestingly enough become “Honolulu Staff” articles. ;)

If I remember correctly, former reporter Tim Ryan from the Star Bulletin was fired for writing similar articles by just rewording something that was previously written.

Wonder why the Advertiser puts “Advertiser Staff” instead of something else on the byline of the article?

I try my best to give credit where due by linking directly to articles that I cut and paste from.  It’s a shame major publications don’t do the same.

To see the article where the Advertiser and I both pulled our information from, check out Science Daily.


Silly Sundays

With the popularity of my Daily KO’s rising, I figured I’d start a new weekly post.

Every Sunday I’m now going to post a newspaper clipping or comic that makes me laugh.

Silly Sundays #1: