Three Out of Every Four Species of Fish in Hawaii’s Coral Reefs are in Danger of Extinction from Overfishing

People in Hawaii eat a significant amount of fish.  They have for many generations.  As the island population increases and the economy gets worse and worse, more people are going to be depending on fishing as a resource to provide food for their families.

I have blogged previously about eating more fish now that I have moved back to this island just because I have more access to ohana and friends who do fish then I did on Oahu.

How do we as a society try to educate people so that we don’t deplete one of our own food sources?

In the Pacific Northwest, they actually made laws where only “Native Americans” could fish on Odd days and “White People” could only fish on even days.  This was to protect the salmon runs that many of the Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest relied upon for food long before Lewis and Clark were ever names in the Northwest.

Protecting our fish supply should be a priority.  How we implement the rules and enforce them will  be difficult to do and there will be much resistance to the effort of protecting them.

Three out of every four species of fish in Hawaii’s coral reefs are in danger of extinction from overfishing, according to a report from researchers at the Oceanic Institute and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and presented at the International Coral Reef Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, Fla…

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Jan TenBruggencate recently blogged about “Where the fish? Maybe we already caught them” recently and he mentions a few reasons why Hawaii’s fish stock is depleting.

He states one of the key players in the decline of reef fish is fishing:

…The key player in the decline of Hawai’i reef fish…is fishing, says the study—the largest-ever assessment of reef fish populations in the main Hawaiian Islands…

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