Homeless in Hawaii… A Mans Chapter in His Life

Many people do not understand how bad the homeless situation is getting in Hawaii.

Homeless people can be classified in many different aspects.

I choose not to talk stink about people that are not as fortunate as others because I know that many of us have lived just one paycheck away from being homeless at one time or another.

I just read this interesting story of a guy who spent the last year homeless in the streets of Oahu and I’ll just post some snippets of his article.

I can really relate to the story because the place I was renting was real close to many of the locations the buggah is talking about.  My rent was about to double in price because my property manager was remodeling and selling the place, which was another one of my prime reasons for moving back to the Big Island.

…I came to Hawaii in 2007 after living five years abroad in China, and was shocked to find a well-established homeless population running rampant and nearly unchecked in one of the most well-known tourist destinations of the world. It has little to do with the current economics and more to do with local politics, indifference of the authorities, and plain old “I don’t care/ it’s not my problem” idealism

…I got out of the parks and into public shelter, but many do not, spending their days playing in the surf, sleeping on park benches, and creating an embarrassing eyesore for the tourist bureau and the local government…

…several homeless people I have met admitted they spent their last dollars buying a ticket to Hawaii

…In fact, in the center of Waikiki Beach Walk, more than half the benches and tables are occupied by homeless people at any given time…

…I have rarely seen death firsthand, and while living in a developing country like China, I saw it a few times due to haphazard regard for safety and a seeming lack of common sense. Yet, in this so-called paradise, one of the supposed shining jewels in the crown of the USA, I have personally known of three people who have died due to them being out on the streets – not because of crime, but because of neglect. Something is seriously wrong with that

…I can only hope for the best for the people I have met while living on the fringe in Hawaii. Perhaps the state is expecting the tourists to take care of the homeless in Hawaii, yet when I see how carefully these world travelers skirt around the beggars and the destitute, I don’t think that will work.

Full Story Here

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  1. We have a community garden in Makuu Farm Lots…..it has turned into a sponsorship for residentially challenged individuals……we are a non-prof and I’m gathering stats for a grant…….if you have info you can share re: the need for alternative lifestyles for the homeless, please do share, thanks

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