Hawaiian “EDventure” Program

I just learned of a program at UH Hilo that I had never heard of called the “Hawaiian EDventure Program”.


“The mission of these programs is to deepen cross-cultural understanding between Japan and Hawaii, while promoting authentic Hawaiian culture to Japan”  Japaninsight Blog

It seems like a cool program that I wish I could have had a chance to attend while I was attending school on the Big Island.

…This GROUP-based educational travel program is Hawaii’s premier educational and cultural travel program… Eco-Tourism: Hawaiian EdVenture

It looks like the group had a blog going, but it hasn’t been active in awhile.

I’ve always felt that the reason I left the Big Island to go to school at UH Manoa was because of the lack of courses and opportunities available for students at the campus.

It’s good to see more and more programs catering to the students.

Now I would just be thrilled if UH Hilo got a Football Program but that will never happen.

Heck, I’d be even more thrilled if Pahoa High could ever get a football team again!

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  1. Damon,

    Thanks for posting this. It’s a wonderful program available to anyone with an interest in Hawaiian culture. I would love to see this program continue to expand and grow. It is a respectful and eco-friendly way to develop tourism on our island.


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