Hawaii Air Quality Now

I just saw a pretty cool site that show’s the air quality now in Hawaii.

I’m fortunate that the area of Puna that I live in, the VOG isn’t that bad.

It was actually much worse living in the location that I lived in on Oahu, then it ever has been here in Pahoa since I moved back to the Big Island.  (Kona Winds)

Here is that website:

AIRNow – Hawaii

Black Friday… Honolulu Walmart Still Crazy

More peace seemed to be had at this Walmart on Oahu then some of the mainland Walmart that I posted videos of earlier.


I still wouldn’t want to be dealing with that mess though.

The Leftover Pie


Today’s KO… A Deadly Black Friday and Videos From Across the Nation

In tribute to Black Friday, I thought I would post some of the stuff that happened today.

Tanger Outlet, Riverhead New York:


Two people shot dead at Toy’s ‘R Us:


Atlanta, Walmart, X-Box Craziness:


Walmart Worker Trampled to death:


Concord, North Carolina, Walmart Craziness:


I’m glad I didn’t go shopping today.

My wife is in town getting off work right now and going to the Arts and Crafts fair.  I feel sorry for her having to drive around in Hilo right now.

At least she’s not having to deal with Oahu craziness!

Pahoa Parade Dec. 6th… Entries Still Available

The Pahoa Main Street Association Parade will be on Dec. 6th.

People interested in participating are still welcome.  (No entry fee)

If you want the file to fill out to participate, let me know at damontucker@yahoo.com.

Council Meetings to Crack Down on Testimony Time Limits

One of the primary reasons that I would submit written testimony when I want to provide testimony is because I’m often afraid that I will get cut off before I get through saying what I want to say.

Another reason I hate to attend meetings, is because sometimes peoples testimony just goes on and on and on and on… you know what I mean?

It looks like next years council is going to be even more strict on the amount of time given to people who want to testify before the council.

Outgoing Council Chairman Pete Hoffmann allowed people who appeared during public comment periods to speak for three minutes with an additional minute to summarize.

But incoming Chairman J Yoshimoto says he will adhere to current rules that permit no more than three minutes per speaker

More Here

Puna Charter School Students Featured on Hawaii247

I just noticed Hawaii247 featured an article on some HAAS Students.

Check it out “Students and volunteers bring in the harvest for the Puna Community”.

Nice article Kristin, it’s good to see good articles on schools that are doing positive things in the community.

So often the mainstream media seems to focus on all the negative things that are going on with the schools.

Nice pictures of the students as well Baron.

“Maybe the Newspapers Are Really Obsolete”… Newspaper Guild Cutting Back

If you get a chance, go check out Larry Gellers blog today on “Newspapers vs. the immediacy of the Internet

I’ve been saying for about 10 years now that newspapers are a thing of the past.

Just in the last few weeks alone we have seen many layoffs at both the Advertiser and the Big Island Stephens papers.

I highly sugges you read Larry’s blog today:

The problem with this immediacy is that you have to know how to get it. For most people, the TV or radio is still their first connection with events, followed by the details and analysis in the next day’s paper. They are not sitting at their computers or monitoring tweets on their cellphones.

Newspapers are not yet obsolete. They may not go the way of the buggy whip, though some will survive and some will not…

On another note, Ian Lind mentions how the Newspaper Guild is cutting back it’s employees:

…The 75-year-old union is already struggling for the resources it needs to operate. It may lose roughly $200,000 this year and that number may grow next year as layoffs continue–or as newspapers fold. Membership has already been impacted by the tough times. Lunzer says there were some 29,119 members from the U.S. and Canada in August, down from some 35,000 people in 1986. At least 2,000 people have disappeared from the Guild this year alone, he says…