Bad Day for Airbus(s)… One Crash, One Malfunction and One Country Postpones

I previously blogged about Hawaiian Airlines getting three new airbusses soon.

Today was a terrible day for “Airbusses”.

1. Two people are confirmed dead in this Airbus 320 crash off New Zealand.

…At least two people were killed Thursday when an Airbus A320 jet owned by Air New Zealand crashed into the Mediterranean Sea with seven crew members aboard on a maintenance flight from Perpignan in southern France, officials said. The other five were still missing Thursday night, French officials said, and search efforts were continuing…

1. In Norway, an Airbus 330 (the same model Hawaiian is scheduled to get) made an emergency landing due to engine failure.

A Scandianvian airline SAS plane bound for Chicago was forced to land in Trondheim, Norway, on Thursday because of an engine problem, the airline said.

The Airbus A330 aircraft from Stockholm was carrying 193 people, a spokesman said…

3. Now news is breaking that China is postponing a large order of Airbusses.

China has postponed talks on finalising a deal with Airbus for 150 passenger planes after Prime Minister Wen Jiabao scrapped his visit to France, a spokesman for the European aircraft maker said Thursday…

I guess I’m starting to have second thoughts on wanting to fly first class one of these buggahs! ;)

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