UH Researchers Study Slugs & Snails… Find 5 New Species in Hawaii

I hate slugs and snails.

Here in Hawaii we have some big suckers.  They cause a lot of damage to peoples gardens and much money is spent on slug and snail bait here in the islands.

From October through December, UH Researchers have been studying slugs and snails:

…Funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the survey of 40 nurseries, botanical gardens and other plant-based facilities took place on six of the Hawaiian Islands. It was determined that most of the unwanted species were probably first brought into Oahu, and then spread to the neighbor islands.

Common Hawaiian Slug

Common Hawaiian Slug

We found alien snails and slugs in all 40 nurseries in our survey,” said Cowie, chair of the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology graduate program at UHM. “In total, we found 29 alien species, including five that had never been reported in Hawai`i before. We also found many species on particular islands on which they had never been reported before, and learned that alien snails were even infesting plants due to be sent to Kahoolawe as part of the restoration effort on that island…”

Hawaiian Tree Snail

African Snail that is Common in Hawaii

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  1. what is the species names for the two slugs on the palm of the hand photo…am working on classying high risk introduced invasives found in fiji.

  2. UH Researchers Study Find 5 New Slug & Snails Species in Hawaii

    Well that sent me off on the trail of Googles. Wikipedia, widely renowned source of misinformation says “All land snails are hermaphrodites”, so keep that in mind. Here are the species new to Hawaii:

    1. Sluggo Publikworkolis: Spends most day-time hours planning what it could be doing if only it had more time and money. Night time habits unknown.

    2. Littorina Parkandwreckus: Spends days lounging in the park, thinking about up-keep. Nights: try to find its way home through broken glass and dead landscaping, in the dark.

    3. Sluggomaria Soulutionis: Nighttime: picks up injured donkeys on Waikoloa road, rescues the people whose car hit the donkeys, calls tow trucks, and prays no one sues the County. Daytime: put up a sign “Donkey Crossing on Waikoloa Road.

    4. Ariolimax columbianus (commong name: Pacific Banana Slug) Daytime grows so much fruit you can’t give it away. Nighttime: composts to the max.

    5. Sluggomaniac: Nights: posts “KO” vids. Days: posts “KO” vids.

    Damon – I guess I’m slug #5. Too Funny Neeter!

  3. Are you sure that the photo you posted is of a Hawaiian tree snail? It looks more like the giant African snail, which are much larger than native ones.


    Damon – Your probably correct. I just looked up Hawaiian Snail on Google! Change made… thanks

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