Owner of Hawaii Campus Girls Website Responds… Are They Also Running Escort Service?

The other day I wrote about the “Hawaii Campus Girls” website that was being produced here and here.

I just received a comment from reader “Reggie” that states the following:

What a joke this is, I am the creator of the site and it’s not even finished yet. I live in Hilo by the way. The proxy is from my godaddy account. And I am not making a quick buck, I haven’t sold anything yet.

The lady who is helping me get started is a local lady designing a signature brand swim wear line. And all of these shots were done in Hawaii and there is nudity (although there maybe in the future. Fuck it why not? I love nudity)

Thank You to the two guys who stuck up for the site

My response was:

Yeah right dude! From your IP Address your the same dude that is running an escort site!

I found it very interesting that “Reggies” email address comes from an escort service called Silverspoon Escorts.

When looking at the Silver Spoons Escorts website (Site Designed by Under Da Sac Productions) it is very similar to that of the Hawaii Campus Girls Website.  Coincidence… I don’t think so… but maybe?  (I also notice that they also added more local looking girls to the site)
What are you trying to pull “Reggie”?

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