UH Student Paper… “Oral sex is good for the mind, body and soul… Semen cure for cancer”

I just noticed this article in the UH Student Paper, Ka Leo, by Kris DeRego entitled “Oral sex is good for the mind, body and soul“.

Among some of the claims in the article, it claims that semen is good cure for cancer:

…Cure for cancer: Semen contains selenium, an important antioxidant. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think cigarette companies are going to quit anytime soon, nor do I believe that pharmaceutical lobbyists are ready to pack up and go home. So, along with Gardasil, a vaccine that guards against certain types of human papillomavirus, semen may be the best bet in the fight against cancer

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You know if semen is the best bet in fighting cancer… I’ll take chemotherapy!

Word World… Online

Everyone knows I’m “Addicted” to my computer.  I’m a bit leary to start letting my son play games or jump online just yet.

The other day I mentioned a PBS TV show that Leslie Wilcox from PBS Hawaii turned my son on to.

Tonight, I broke down and let my son jump on the computer.

But I did a quick search for “Word World” and I came across a PBS game that is associated with the show.

My son played it for about 15 minutes before I ended up kicking him off my computer again.

And once again he said… “Dad… that was a good game”.

I’m glad PBS and Disney offer online games that kids my sons age can play without me worrying about a lot of online violence.

Disney I know is just trying to market most of their products in the long run… unlike PBS where they are actually trying to do something for a childs future instead of just selling them merchandise.

If you a child… check out the PBS online site for kids games.


Chaminade Almost Upsets the Hoosiers in Basketball… Remembering THE GAME

Chaminade almost upset the Indiana Hoosier 81-79 in tonights game of the EA Sports Maui Invitational.

Tom Pritchard had 19 points and nine rebounds for Indiana, which held on for an 81-79 victory over Chaminade on Wednesday in the seventh-place game of the EA Sports Maui Invitational.

Pritchard was nearly the goat for the Hoosiers (3-2) as he missed three of four free throws in the final 46 seconds. He made the second of two with 4.7 seconds left to give Indiana an 81-79 lead…

I so wish I was at the game back in 1982 when Chaminade upset the then ranked #1 team of Virginia with Ralph Sampson which is considered by many, one of the greatest sports upsets EVER.


How Real Men Fish


Thanksgiving in Hawaii… Were Off by a Month (La Kuokoa)

I just read this interesting read in Hawaii Magazine about the history of Thanksgiving here in the islands.

I learned something new.

…Fast forward to 1849. To further strengthen relations between Hawaii and America, King Kamehameha III declared December 31 a national holiday of Thanksgiving, complete with church services and luau. Why not November? Hawaii already had a holiday, called La Kuokoa, at the end of the month…

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Today’s KO


The Brine is On

So I have a 20 pound turkey courtesy of my mother and I’ve decided to Brine it.

I’ve added Hawaiian Sea Salt, Garlic, and Worcesters Sauce along with covering up the turker all the way with water.  Goes in the oven tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning.

I could have  sworn that turkeys had all the giblets inside of them in a plastic bag… but this one only had the turkey neck and okole… I hope I’m not missing them.   I have doubled and tripled check to make sure I’m not missing them… but I guess this brand of turkey didn’t have them.   It’s not like I like that part of the turkey anyways.

Now that I think about this… this turkey does mean more to me then I realized.  Not only is this the first Turkey I’m cooking for other people… but this is my first Turkey I’m cooking for my son!  That means a lot to me.

Thanksgiving was always a big part of my life growing up.  I notice that in my wifes family, not as much is really made out of it.

I’m just thankful that I’m back on the Big Island with my Ohana and not still fighting the hustle and bustle of Oahu!


Post Thanksgiving Fun Run/Walk on Sunday

What a great way to burn off those extra pounds gained during this Thanksgiving break.

Coming up Sunday is the Post Thanksgiving 5K Run/Walk, hosted by the Big Island Road Runners. The 3.1-mile event is meant to shed some of those unwanted pounds gained during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Beginning at 7:30 a.m. at the entrance to Moku Ola ( Coconut Island ) in Hilo , both runners and walkers of all ages and abilities will traverse the beautiful Hilo Bay coastline out to the lighthouse and back to Moku Ola.

There is a nominal $2 charge to non-club members with proceeds going to help support the BIRR college scholarship program. Just show up half hour prior to the event and sign in.

For more information about the BIRR, you can go to their web site at: www.bigislandroadrunners.org or call the club president at 969-7400.

Owner of Hawaii Campus Girls Website Responds… Are They Also Running Escort Service?

The other day I wrote about the “Hawaii Campus Girls” website that was being produced here and here.

I just received a comment from reader “Reggie” that states the following:

What a joke this is, I am the creator of the site and it’s not even finished yet. I live in Hilo by the way. The proxy is from my godaddy account. And I am not making a quick buck, I haven’t sold anything yet.

The lady who is helping me get started is a local lady designing a signature brand swim wear line. And all of these shots were done in Hawaii and there is nudity (although there maybe in the future. Fuck it why not? I love nudity)

Thank You to the two guys who stuck up for the site

My response was:

Yeah right dude! From your IP Address your the same dude that is running an escort site!

I found it very interesting that “Reggies” email address comes from an escort service called Silverspoon Escorts.

When looking at the Silver Spoons Escorts website (Site Designed by Under Da Sac Productions) it is very similar to that of the Hawaii Campus Girls Website.  Coincidence… I don’t think so… but maybe?  (I also notice that they also added more local looking girls to the site)
What are you trying to pull “Reggie”?

UH Researchers Study Slugs & Snails… Find 5 New Species in Hawaii

I hate slugs and snails.

Here in Hawaii we have some big suckers.  They cause a lot of damage to peoples gardens and much money is spent on slug and snail bait here in the islands.

From October through December, UH Researchers have been studying slugs and snails:

…Funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the survey of 40 nurseries, botanical gardens and other plant-based facilities took place on six of the Hawaiian Islands. It was determined that most of the unwanted species were probably first brought into Oahu, and then spread to the neighbor islands.

Common Hawaiian Slug

Common Hawaiian Slug

We found alien snails and slugs in all 40 nurseries in our survey,” said Cowie, chair of the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology graduate program at UHM. “In total, we found 29 alien species, including five that had never been reported in Hawai`i before. We also found many species on particular islands on which they had never been reported before, and learned that alien snails were even infesting plants due to be sent to Kahoolawe as part of the restoration effort on that island…”

Hawaiian Tree Snail

African Snail that is Common in Hawaii

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Notre Dame vs. UH in the Hawaii Bowl?

You heard it hear first!

I’m thinking the way things are working out right now… It’s gonna be UH vs. Notre Dame in the Hawaii Bowl!