Footage From the Miss Hawaii and Miss Teen 2009 Pageants

Here it is folks, footage from the actual pageants themselves.  Previously I posted footage from a fashion show that the contestants were in earlier this year.

This footage is from the actual pageants:



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  1. It seems that someone is bitter….
    The pageant was far from fixed! If they fixed pageants,Aureana would have won last year, but obviously they run a fair pageant. Also Aureana was the clear winner in every way. Many people that were there agreed that Aureana shined on stage. She’s poised,gorgeous,and has amazing stage presence. Also her gown WAS BEAUTIFUL!! Finally a gown that is unique, in style, and beautiful! People are sick of the typical “Pageant Gown”and the typical cookie cutter “pageant girl”. As far as her shoes, again it looked great on HER , because she has the legs for it(long & lean). Someone with short heavier legs can’t pull off ankle strap heels, but once again Aureana looked great. I’m sorry you feel like pageant girls should all wear a certain type of shoe.
    Aureana will represent our state very well and she’ll satnd out, and not blend in like most of them do.
    The only people that have been negative about Aureana’s win have been those who have run against her and weren’t able to win or in some cases,not even place! Some of the family members and friends of the fellow competitors were negative as well. The bottom line is,you shouldn’t be involved in pageants or competions if you can’t control your jealousy of those who succeed, and talking bad about people and being negative only reflects on you in a very ugly way.
    Beauty comes from the inside and reflects on the outside, but so does uglyness.

  2. who was aureana’s gown by? in midweek it just says Designer gown. I would not be surprised if the pageant was set up. eric & takeo are known for playing favoritism. they, along with many persons in the community wanted aureana to win for a long time. she’s beautiful, but so were many many of the other girls. so it was not a fair pageant.

  3. That pageant was totally set-up!!!!!! Aureana Tseu’s evening gown was by far one of the WORST gown’s I have ever seen!!!!! The cut was awful, print was not utilized to accentuate ANY part of the body, rhinestone straps and details seemed to be placed anywhere and everywhere on the dress and served no real purpose except as a horrible distraction. AND on top of everything, she wore heels with ANKLE STRAPS which visually cut off her legs and is almost NEVER appropriate for evening wear. She is a gorgeous girl, but that gown was just HIDEOUS!!!!

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