Lind Releases Old Puna Photos

In case you didn’t click on Ian Lind’s Blog today, I thought I would steer Big Island readers to his pictures of Puna from the 1950’s and 60’s.

Ian is lucky that his family has preserved all these pictures over the years.  The public is even luckier that Ian is willing to share them with us.

I like this picture, because it shows a road that I’ve never heard of, and I dig the license plate:

Koae Road, 1960

Koae Road, 1960 (From Ian Lind's Collection)

You can see more pictures like this here.

If you have time on your hand and really want to take a good look at Hawaii back in the days, Ian has a great collection located in his “Old Kine” archive.

Thanks Ian for sharing these with us!

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