When Will Tiffany Edwards Hunt Start Blogging Again… The Poll

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Emily Naeole’s Legislative Aide, Tiffany Edwards, to update her blog over at Big Island Chronicle.

She has mentioned her blog several times recently, although she seems to be having writing cramps.

I wonder if being a legislative aide is holding her back from writing?  I figure I’ll give her a little kick start to get that writing anxiety out of the way!


[polldaddy poll=”1134027″]

Just Teasing Tiff… Hurry up and start blogging again as I’ve added you to my blogroll!

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  1. A L O H A

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    I look forward to serving the Big Island in this new capacity.

    Please help spread the word about http://www.bigislandchronicle.com.


    Damon – You do know those percentages above are actual reader votes don’t you.

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