“Hawaii247” and “Kona Times”… Any Other Big Island Bloggers?

Hat tip to Aaron over at the Kona Blog for blogging about a new Big Island Blog…  “Hawaii247

(I’m assuming the 247 stands for 24 hours a day 7 days a week… so if he can keep his blogging up to 24 hours a day… I’ll be really impressed.  I find it hard to write something every day at times!)

It looks like former WHT Photographer Baron Sekiya is taking a “Newspaper” format for his blog.

It’s great to see other blogs on the Big Island.

Aaron also recently blogged about the “Kona Times“.

I’m adding both of these sites to my “Blogroll” as I’m always looking for new reads and interesting finds here on the Big Island and the Newspapers just aren’t cutting it.

Anyone else have a BIG ISLAND blog that I might be interested in?  I update my blogroll every now and then as people seem to drift on/off with there blogs.  I always keep them bookmarked if they do quit blogging for a while so I can bring them back later.

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  1. Well we don’t use the ‘p’ word…paper. Tons and tons of newsprint and ink shipped to Hawaii, tons and tons of paper sent to landfills or shipped back to the mainland for recycling. Isn’t that a lot of fuel burned in cars, trucks and ships when we can be doing this online? Mahalo for the welcome and I hope to cover much of the Big Island with the help of people letting me know what’s going on. The island needs an another alternative voice away from Stephens Media Group who owns most of the media on the island.

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