BIVN Turns to Youtube… (John Peck on Surfing at the Raw Games)

I see that David Corrigan from Big Island Video News posted a piece of footage that he recently took on youtube from the Raw Games.

I recently asked him about how he was storing his videos and whether they were being archived.  He told me his secret… however, it wasn’t youtube.

I mentioned to him a while back that I just like to steal videos off youtube… and sure enough… looks like I found one he posted today.  (Gotcha DAVE!)

He recently posted this video of John Peck talking story on Surfing at the Recent Raw Games that I blogged about here.

I guess next time… he will probably turn off the embedding on the Video so I can’t scoop his story.

Oh the internet… don’t you just love it… Gotcha Dave… Of course… he could get me and simply pull it after I post this blog! (If you want a better version of this, I’m sure he will have it on his site in due time.)


BREAKING NEWS! Looks like BIVN maybe switching to a WordPress Blog soon!

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  1. Nice! Damon, you are the first (and somehow, I knew it would be you) to take advantage of my new approach.

    This is exactly why it is there. Thanks for putting it on your site!

    Yes, there is a larger version on my site, but I am going to try to do this from now on… and sometimes, there are some things I tape that just don’t seem fit for news video, but i would still love to share (stinkhorn?) so this may be a good venue. And it all helps me promote my site a little bit more. If I can spread the bigislandvideonews name and provide the local blogging world with a little bit of content, then mission accomplished.

    And it is always an honor to have you use my YouTube stuff. Use as much as you like. I will try to keep in coming!

    Damon – Hey the Stinkhorn is Newsworthy!!!! Anything that can make a lady have an orgasm should be!

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