“Punatics Spank Public Works”

If you haven’t checked out former Big Island Weekly Editor Kristine Kubats blog… now would be a good time to start tuning in.

…What was most powerful about this gathering was the way Puna folk rose up in anger at the officials there to hold up the county’s end of the bargain…

Stop by Kubehead and see how some “Punatics Spank Public Works”

Smear Site No Longer Exists

I just noticed that the “Akamaivoter” website that attempted to smear Billy Kenoi is no longer existent.


Who knows… but I sure would like to know who that John Akonipule character was that started the whole thing that was talked about here on my blog.

Notre Dame Tells Students to Back Off of Punahou’s Te’o… Aloha Shirts Allowed

Manti Te’o, a Honolulu native and a prized linebacker recruit in the Class of 2009, will make a very long trip to visit Notre Dame this weekend.

Notre Dame had to take action this week to ensure Te’o could make a return trip if he so chooses.

Some Notre Dame students hatched a plan to distribute about 8,000 leis outside Notre Dame Stadium at Saturday’s game against Syracuse in honor of Te’o’s visit, posting that plan on an Irish fan website and even campaigning for help.

The problem? A concerted, organized effort such as that could be construed as an NCAA violation in which Notre Dame was publicizing a recruit’s visit to campus and encouraging that recruit to attend the school.

Once the Notre Dame compliance office received a missive about the plan, it bid the idea aloha…

…Signs, videos and messages over a public address system or printed T-shirts are among other no-nos as they relate to advertising a recruit’s visit to campus. There is only so much Notre Dame can control, however, and Karwoski indicated a mass banishment of anyone wearing a Hawaiian shirt is unlikely to occur

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Abberton Gets 3 Days in Jail for Assaulting Cop

I’ve blogged about Bra Boy Koby Abberton in the past.

Today he was sentenced to 3 days in Jail for assaulting a Honolulu Police Officer.

Australian surfing celebrity Koby Abberton received a three-day sentence Thursday for brawling with an off-duty police officer outside a Honolulu restaurant…

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Today’s KO

You gotta watch this one to the end!


Nasty Weather on the Way… Flash Flood Watch All Islands

It looks like it’s going to be a wet weekend!

Damon’s Grill

I love it!  I just found a restaurant that I must visit some day.

Damon’s Grill


Sig Zanes Upgraded Website

Anyone check out Sig Zanes upgraded website?

Pretty schnazzy if you ask me.

I love Sig Zane shirts!

The fact that it’s a local company is that much better.

I’ve never felt more comfortable in clothes that are considered “Dress Up” in my life!

Everyone check out Sig Zanes upgraded site as well as his new collection of clothes.

Waikiki UFC Rally Moved to Blaisdell… UFC Fights in HAWAII?

I blogged about the UFC rally that is happening Friday here.

The BJ Penn/GSP/Dana White UFC Rally and Meet the figthers planned for tomorrow night at the Waikiki Shell has been moved to the Blaisdell.

Rumors flying around the internet, are that Dana White will be announcing the next UFC event to be held in Hawaii for the first time ever possibly at Aloha Stadium.



Mercenia Tucker… My Grandmother a Strong Lady

My mom and dad split up when I was around 3 – 4 years old.  It was a good thing as my father was not the best of men.

That is a whole different story that I will probably go into sometime in the future.

But today’s story is on my Dad’s Mother… My Grandmother, Mercenia Tucker.

When I visited my Dad in Los Angeles, often times he would drop me off at my grandmothers house and go about his business for the day.  I became fairly close to my grandmother during these visits, however, when my mom and dad seperated, the distance between my grandmother “Tucker” and myself and the lack of my dad being a real dad ended up keeping me away from my Grandmother after I was about 10 – 11 years old.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go visit her 4 years ago in Compton, California at the same house that she has lived in all of these years.  It’s a house about 2 blocks away from where Venus and Serena Williams Sister was murdered.  There are neighborhood gangs and shootouts that pretty much are common occurrences as I was growing up.

About 5 years ago, I was trying to find my grandmother online so that I could let her know that I would be visiting her.

I was stunned to read the following:

“A Child-Suicide in Foster Care”

I’m very relieved that the courts found my grandmother innocent in this case.

It was very touching to hear her talk about the case when I went to visit her 4 years ago.

I was stunned to learn that Kerrys death was the youngest child suicide in Los Angeles history…

And it happened in the closet where I used to play hide and seek.

Mercenia Tucker… I love you!

Josh Ulep From “The Hype” Clarifies His Crews Name

Yesterday I blogged about a dance crew from Hawaii that is in the running for America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3.

Josh Ulep somehow caught wind of my blog posting and made the following comment:

Correction “The Hype”

After I had called his dance crew “The Hype Crew”.

I figured this kid must know what he was talking about… and obviously he does.

This is Josh Uleps solo performance last year at Ala Moana about a year ago:


And Josh is also in the middle of this piece of Choreography when he was with the group “Hypersquad”.


He does appear to have many youtube videos of him dancing.

I wish his crew the best of luck on MTV.

Big Island… “Expected to be Cooler Than Usual for Winter”

I just caught this AP report that mentions the weather predictions for the US this winter.

It mentions:

…Most of Alaska is expected to be warmer than normal, as are the westernmost of the Hawaiian islands. The Big Island of Hawaii is expected to be cooler than usual for winter, which meteorologists define as December through February…

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