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Back in August I said that Manti Te’o would be the next big thing out of Hawaii!.

I still stand by those words.

I just stumbled across this well put together youtube video of his 2007 Highlights… I guess I’m the last to view it since some 86,000 + people across America have viewed it already. ;)


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  1. lol yeah if only UH could keep their local talent on the island, they might be able to compete for WAC title on a regular year to year basis. In my opinion what UH should do is go after these kind of 4-5 star talents that they are breeding on the islands, when these players are young and just starting to show potential of something special. If they can find these talents and really go after them when they are freshman, sophmores in HS, then they might actually consider UH when the time comes around. Though doing what I just said is against the NCAA football rules & regulations, they wont know since your on an island away from everyone else, hehe :) . Sometimes one has got to bend the rules to get to the top. UH has to sell the image of why players should go to their school, I mean it looks like a beautiful location. Then need to sell it more, and start recruiting in Cali too, tons of talents here that end up going elsewhere out of Cali for chances to be a starter. I know it all comes down to the whole money issue, but if they really want to be that driving force in the WAC, they need to start getting those alumni’s to put some money into their programs so they can go and recruit the talent all over America.

    Just my 10cents, haha..


    Damon – Heck… if we could keep our local talent… and get into the PAC-10… then we would be really talking sports in Hawaii!

  2. A wreaking-ball! Man I so see him going to USC, following the reputation of other Poly’s finding success their under Pete Carroll’s coaching, as well as on the next level. His talent is rare, esp. coming from the islands. I can see him playing WLB, but won’t be surprised if he plays the SS position also with his speed and good size. He moves laterally very good for his Linebacker position, so playing safety shouldn’t be a drag on his playmaking abilities at the college level. Imagine a bigger size Troy, with linebacker instincts. Remember Troy played a lil’ linebackin’ before Carroll told him he was best suited for Safety. Can’t wait to see where he ends up going, and the progression of his game at the college level. Hopefully, SC is his choice.


    Damon – NOOOOOO!!!! NOT University of Spoiled Children!!! I can’t stand USC! I sure wish that UH could actually attract some of our local talent.

  3. ‘He got the action, he got the motion
    Yeah, the boy can play
    Dedication devotion
    Turning all the night time into the day’

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