Korean Air Considering Expanding Services in Hawaii… Kimchee Trade Deficit

National flag carriers are expanding services to the U.S. in preparation for Korea’s inclusion into the visa waiver program Monday…

It is also considering expanding services to Hawaii and Los Angeles…

korean_airMore Here

And in other Korean related news:

…But last week, a report to the South Korean parliament revealed a flaw in the nation’s culinary ambitions: the country’s kimchee trade deficit.

It seems that growing domestic demand for cheap, Chinese-made fermented cabbage has led to a 376% surge in imported kimchi from 2004 to 2007. For those three years, South Korea’s kimchi trade deficit reached $77.3 million. The national symbol — what one writer called “the palpable expression of the country’s feisty spirit” — is now more likely to be made in China than at home.

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