Restaurant Week Hawaii… Big Island Left Out

I just noticed that today begins the First Annual “Restaurant Week Hawaii“.


Question…  How does one become an Annual Event if this is the first one?

…The first annual Restaurant Week Hawaii will be a seven day celebration of the cuisine scene in Hawaii. From fine dining to fast-food, French to fusion, participating restaurants will feature special menu items, promotions and discounts. Diners can sample Hawaii’s newest restaurants, dine at old favorites and taste a variety of exceptional dishes now being prepared by Hawaii’s chefs using locally grown produce. Restaurant Week is a reminder that Hawaii is a culinary destination with top chefs, farm to table dining, wonderful wine and a lot more to discover and explore…

I also noticed that of course there were no Big Island restaurants listed. ;)

2 Responses

  1. We have restaurants on the big island?

  2. The inaugural Restaurant Week Hawai’i will focus on O’ahu. In years to come, outer-islands will be able to participate.

    Damon – Thanks for the clarification. (I like how the “s” was added to year) ;) Knowing how Hawaii works…. years will literally mean a few years

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