“Kim Taylor Reece” Reality TV Show Confirmed

The other day I posted a video of the girls competing for the “Kim Taylor Reece” contest.

The Honolulu Advertiser confirmed what I posted and expanded a bit further and that the contest will actually be a “Reality TV” Show called “Ka Hula: The Search for the Next Kim Taylor Reece Model.”

…Nine women, ages 20 to 27, vie for cash and trip prizes as well as the chance to pose for Mr. Reece himself. “Can’t complain, they’re all beautiful,” says Reece.

“It’s a little different than most reality shows, no eliminations,” says producer Rory Wild. “It was all by vote. The girls had to vote for each other, which was an interesting study in human behavior…”

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  1. Hi, Where can I watch kim taylor reese reality model show that was on may 30 as I missed it, thank you.

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