I Want to Be Employed at this Building

I don’t care what building it is… I just want to get a job here!  Just look at the cars in the garage!


Restaurant Week Hawaii… Big Island Left Out

I just noticed that today begins the First Annual “Restaurant Week Hawaii“.


Question…  How does one become an Annual Event if this is the first one?

…The first annual Restaurant Week Hawaii will be a seven day celebration of the cuisine scene in Hawaii. From fine dining to fast-food, French to fusion, participating restaurants will feature special menu items, promotions and discounts. Diners can sample Hawaii’s newest restaurants, dine at old favorites and taste a variety of exceptional dishes now being prepared by Hawaii’s chefs using locally grown produce. Restaurant Week is a reminder that Hawaii is a culinary destination with top chefs, farm to table dining, wonderful wine and a lot more to discover and explore…

I also noticed that of course there were no Big Island restaurants listed. ;)

Female NASCAR Driver Has Big Island Ties… Race to Save the Planet

A professional race car driver is taking her environmental campaign to Hawaii’s roads. She’s known as one of the fastest women in the NASCAR and Indy Car scene and has returned here to her mom’s home state for her ‘Race to Save the Planet‘ Hawaii tour.

Leilani Munter’s mission is to raise awareness about a situation she says is dire and requires our urgent attention.

Sports Illustrated calls her one of the top ten female race car drivers in the world…

“My mom is from Hawaii. She was born and raised in Holualoa on the Big Island so I have family ties here,” she said…


Blast From the Past: Ichiro Suzuki and Hilo Baseball

When I was attending UH Hilo, I was fortunate enough to meet this Japanese Baseball player that came over from Japan and was supposedly pretty good.  I knew very little about Japanese baseball and the only reason I went is because I was with some exchange students from Japan that wanted to see the game.

Because I was with these Japanese exchange students, they were introduced to the player and then he came back and partied with them at their house for awhile…(Of course flirting and hitting on the Japanese girls that were there)  I didn’t realize why all these Japanese students were so “Giddy” to be “Partying” with some “Minor League” Baseball player.

Well it turns out this player was Ichiro Suzuki who of course later went on to become famous in Major League Baseball.

ichiroA few years later:ichirosi

“Kim Taylor Reece” Reality TV Show Confirmed

The other day I posted a video of the girls competing for the “Kim Taylor Reece” contest.

The Honolulu Advertiser confirmed what I posted and expanded a bit further and that the contest will actually be a “Reality TV” Show called “Ka Hula: The Search for the Next Kim Taylor Reece Model.”

…Nine women, ages 20 to 27, vie for cash and trip prizes as well as the chance to pose for Mr. Reece himself. “Can’t complain, they’re all beautiful,” says Reece.

“It’s a little different than most reality shows, no eliminations,” says producer Rory Wild. “It was all by vote. The girls had to vote for each other, which was an interesting study in human behavior…”

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BIVN on Family Running Coqui “Safe Haven”

I don’t know what to say about this family running a sanctuary for these damn cocquis.