The “Aloha Challenge 2008”

I just checked out the online version of this KIKU show called the “Aloha Challenge 2008”.

It’s an interesting concept where 4 Japanese Students and 4 English speaking students arrive in Honolulu to test there language abilities along with there filmmaking abilities for a $10,000 prize.

To see the website and some of the videos, click here.

“2 Languages.  8 Interns. 12 Film Challenges… One Intense Reality Show.

Here is the first episode on youtube just to give you a tease of the show:

Episode 1 (Part 1) (No it’s not in Japanese)


Episode 1 (Part 2)


Episose 1 (Part 3)


Episode 1 (Part 4)


Episode 1 (Part 5)


Episode 1 (Part 6) (Noticed that former UH Mens Volleyball Player Torry Tukuafu is one of the producers)


For more info… Check out:

Aloha Challenge 2008

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  1. Thank you for checking out our show. We also appreciate that you took time to blog about us.


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